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I write when I break down, I write when no one else seems to listen. So I write, I put all the emotions, the heartbreak, the panic everything into words. I write because I find it hard to say it all out loud, so I write it down, I write to find a way to connect with strangers who feel the same way. I write when I fall down and write when get back up. I write when I have nothing, except I will never lose everything, people may walk out of my life and new ones may decide to come in, but I will never lose the words, the words that are mine, the words that come from my heart and the words that I decide to share with the world. I may not know who I am or what my propose in life is, but I know that if what I write affects the way a single person out there feels if my words can help them then I will write. I will write it all down every single thing I feel, everything that made me the person I am today. I will write about the good, the bad, the ugly and the embarrassing. And I may cry while I write but if that one person smiles because of what I have written then I will cry, cry for those out there who are like me. I hope that every word that you read reaches to your heart and I hope that you know, you matter and there is no one like you out there. So if you feel anything, anything at all I recommend you don’t bottle it up. Write it all down everything and do it with courage, stand tall and help change the lives of those who are like you, along with your own. With Love, -H

Article Credits: Hira N.

Millionaire’s Digest Team, Contributor

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  2. tanyaG 4 years ago

    I love why you write. It is exactly why I write.

    • Author
      theloudestthoughts 4 years ago

      Thank you, and yes many of us write for the same reasons, we feel the need to get whatever is building up inside us out.

  3. fulloflifenaina 4 years ago

    Lovely!! We are different individuals and we have different perceptions but we write to share and for the exact reasons you mentioned!! I am gonna reblog it ?

    • Author
      theloudestthoughts 4 years ago

      Thank you so much, I really appreciate it, and yes we may all belong to different parts of the world and experience life differently but what we write and why we write brings us close and helps us understand each other ?

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  5. Shiva Malekopmath 4 years ago

    ? The words that shall come from the Heart shall touch the Hearts.
    Hearts shall blossom, when they shall blossom make a Garden of Life.
    In the Garden of Life shall strangers stroll and get inspiration.
    Inspiration shall again bring Words and the World shall continue.
    So continue writing My Dear! ?????

  6. Nícia 4 years ago

    this is the reason i write too, and these words made me smile. would you consider of sharing one of your stories on my blog? i’d be honored to have you there. <3

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  8. stylenjamie 4 years ago


  9. Oristel Guenael 4 years ago

    Very good and keep on writing! Great Post!

  10. Melissa 4 years ago

    so beautiful!

  11. Dacian 4 years ago

    Beautiful. Just beautiful

  12. annieaman 4 years ago

    this is amazing to read a paragraph written by any strange in a same way what i feel and why i write here.

  13. alexanderkingweb 3 years ago

    I totally feel you. Go and write whatever you like because its gonna make you into a better person and it will help other people. Lots of love from me and have a nice days

  14. liveandletlive558 3 years ago

    I know that feeling and I agree with you

  15. Pooja Soha 3 years ago

    Nice to know ain’t the only one experiencing this 🙂 thanks for sharing

  16. freelocute 3 years ago

    I write to settle the doubt, I write to pour my heart out!
    Couldn’t agree more!

  17. abenasmiling 3 years ago

    I write for these same reasons
    Especially when no one seems to understand

  18. Angie Sim 3 years ago

    Well said! 🙂 I share many of the reasons you do, particularly the one about how words will never leave you even when people do. They stay with us and become a part of our voice. They’re what we contribute and what we take away.

    Thank you so much for sharing!


  19. kshitija 3 years ago

    Its good to write. Its the last and the simplest way to let off every pain.

  20. williwash 3 years ago

    Thank u.Beautiful article

  21. effcaa 3 years ago


  22. Suyash 3 years ago


  23. samba2017 3 years ago

    What a lovely, soul felt piece. I was with you every step of the way and could really relate to this. Writing is the best therapy out there

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