What’s the Secret to Creating Amazing Content for Your Readers…?

1. Radical transparency.

Want to really blow people away? Give them your secrets! The idea of radical transparency is to give all the secrets away that all the big names don’t want others to know. Besides, readers only want to come back if your content is worth their time.

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2. A complete “how-to.”

“How-to” posts are always mentioned on lists of recommended blog post formats because readers really respond to them. Make sure you use a combination of words, images and video files so that the reader can put the steps you’re describing into action to generate your blog interest.

3. Long-form thought pieces.

To be perfectly clear, “epic” posts don’t have to be long. If you can blow me away with a new idea or a different way of looking at the world in just a few paragraphs, that counts as “epic” in my mind. It’s clear that readers want more content — and it’s up to you to give it to them!

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4. Explore a hard truth.

There’s so much BS online that readers are sick of it. Despite your spin team’s best efforts, most people know when they’re getting the whitewashed “truth” rather than the real deal. It isn’t always fun to be so blatantly honest, but your readers will absolutely love you for keeping things real.

5. Massive list posts.

Want to be truly epic? Create a massive list post with around 100 entries (or even more, if you’re feeling ambitious). Again, list posts are a popular blog post format because they do tend to capture more attention than other structures. But that said, it’s getting harder and harder to stand out with lists of five to 10 items.

6. Original research.

If you truly want to stand out, you’ve got to bring something new to the table. Rehashing the same facts and statistics that are cited over and over again online might provide some value to your readers, but it doesn’t set your business blog apart from others in any kind of meaningful way.

To engage your readers (and boost your blog’s social shares), consider conducting your own original research. Depending on your budget, you can do so using online survey companies, agencies that conduct telephone surveys or even market research firms that orchestrate in-person focus groups. Not only does publishing the results of your work on your blog lead to epic content, it improves your small business’s overall perceived authority and brand recognition within your industry.

(For Book, Travel & Food Bloggers)
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  1. Anna.xo 3 years ago

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  9. Steve 3 years ago

    Great advice. I’ve just started doing how to videos too. Look forward to reading more of this blog! Cheers. Steve

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  11. galeweithers 3 years ago

    Excellent post although the mere thought of putting together 100 items a list is somewhat overwhelming! Will see what I come up with however. Thanks for the encouragement 🙂

  12. Lavanya Chawla 3 years ago

    hey em new to wordpress and i i do not have likes or views on my posts. is there something wrong with what i am doing ?

  13. janesus 3 years ago

    And I’m actually reading your posts every single day. Your site is awesome, love the posts. I don’t own fashion or beauty blog but I do ghost write posts for beauty/lifestyle bloggers. I enjoy your posts. Very helpful.

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    I’m a newbie to having a self hosted site, through wordpress, so I’m constantly looking for tips, tricks and new ideas.
    This blog has definitely helped me, SO MUCH especially when it comes to keeping readers interested and post writing.
    Keep up the incredible posts! I live by them.

  19. ashleycablog 3 years ago

    I hope my blog is one day a partial cooking blog and this content will certainly help me reach my goals thank you for sharing!!!!


  20. NeverWriter 3 years ago

    Another tool I use is forums. I follow and post on several forums. If I see a topic going hot, I’ll check it out. If the thread has many replies, it’s of high interest. I will write a post on that topic.

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  23. I’m just beginning to blog and I found several tips I hadn’t ever thought about! Thank you ?

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  36. Irvine Insights 3 years ago

    What appeals to me the most about this blog is that it inspired me to make changes to my blog format and approach to providing original content in a 3 minute read. Thank you.

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    Can’t emphasize #6 enough. Research makes a huge difference in the validity of your points and overall content, which is important- I want readers to come back to my blog knowing they’re getting the right information.

    Thanks for sharing!! 🙂


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