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Founder & CEO Thoughts (Private):

Alright, so let’s say you’re new and you just applied and got accepted to be a writer at the Millionaire’s Digest. What would like to say (as the Founder & CEO) and let them know about upon logging in for the first time? (Think strategy.)


Things we can add and do to make this better:

-Add the live groups?

Things to make sure to include:

Other things to make sure to include:

Things to make sure you do as the Founder & CEO writing this out (Private):

-Because we’e talking to people, make sue to put them in the situation. o example, don’t waste you time saying “Ou site allows you to…” As smat people (which we all ae), they aleady “know” that the eatues we’e witing out ae aleady poided by us, so thee’s no point on wasting thei time as this is just a big tun o.
-Next thing is DO NOT ocus what you’e telling them on us.


Welcome & Thank You:

A Quick Background (About the Millionaire’s Digest):

Thoughts: Make this quick and don’t waste people’s time. You only get 1-2 sentences.

Welcome & Thank You:

Some Features & Things:

Some Other & Important Things to Know:

FAQ Questions & Answers (Maybe):

Anything Else?

Closing & Thank You:

And Finally, the Buttons:

And note: When we add this, like the button that takes them to their profile for example, be visual with it where it shows their profile empty.