The Way to Becoming a Millionaire: Don’t Give Up Now!

Sometimes the number million can be either nothing or something that could possibly change one’s life. It sometimes can take years of effort, perhaps decades believe it or not to get there. Or it can even take one simple move that would lead to one giant leap.

How does one get there, though?¬†It’s by not giving up. When you don’t give up and keep going, something WILL happen one day. It may not be tomorrow or not even next year but sometime, someday, you WILL get there.

Ever wondered how some people’s blogs have gotten so popular? They didn’t give up. They just kept going for what they were passionate about. Now it has led to them realizing how awesome it was to keep going.

And the best part is going through the tough yet fun process towards getting there.

You might be thinking as well for how the CEO of The Millionaire’s Digest reached 5,000 followers on WordPress when this post was written. That because he did the same thing as others.¬†Not giving up.

Even the most famous bloggers out there had to go through the process of failing and not giving up. All giving up does mean that you’ve quit. Does that mean you can’t give it a second or perhaps multiple shots and chances? You still can!

Just keep going and someday, somewhere, and some how things will fall into place.


  1. Bhavya Pal 2 months ago

    Very motivating. Thanks ūüėÉ

  2. Niirmala 4 months ago

    Inspiring. Uplifting. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Brian 6 months ago

    The best way to reach these types of major goals is by remaining consistent and determined

  4. thesagittarianparadox 6 months ago

    Very inspiring and Motivational as well.

    Check out my Blog which is on “How to be successful in LIFE!!!!”

  5. natandiz 6 months ago

    Am inspired and looking forward for the future because GIVING UP is not in my vocabulary

  6. cbentrepenuer 7 months ago

    I 100% agree! Nice post!

  7. Phil Soukoulis 7 months ago

    Reblogged this on Life Plan and commented:

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  9. Jerry Peri 7 months ago

    Nice one, simple and inspiring.

  10. Jerry Peri 7 months ago

    Reblogged this on Jerri Perri.

  11. Generation Confused 7 months ago

    Exactly! Quiters never win!!!

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