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Put those “(Insert Number Here) Steps to A Blast-Off Business/Brand You/Success” books down – you don’t need “positivity” to succeed!

Wait – don’t go rushing off to buy your “Grumpy Old Man/Woman” mug and t-shirt, either, because traditional, stereotypical negativity has never powered anything other than friends, supporters and customers away from you.

The charge you, your lifestyle, and your business needs is creative negativity.

Positivity, while it has its uses, can trap you in a cycle of delusion, preventing you from pulling the plug early enough on something that simply isn’t working.

Traditional negativity traps you in a cycle of “walking away” – it’s never going to work, so you may as well move on to something else. And something else, and something else – rather than building a business, you build a string of half-hearted attempts that never got anywhere.

Creative negativity falls between the two. You acknowledge what isn’t working, what isn’t going as you expected, and you sit with the facts and feelings of that “failure” – completely immersed in the “negative” associations it conjures – until you see a way forward, a way to success.

Take a scenario: You’ve started a physically-based, bricks-and-mortar business. You’re excited to go into work, you love talking and blogging about your business, you’re having ideas all over the place, you’re firing on all cylinders.

But, six months, a year passes, and… no real income coming in. No repeat business. Not enough sales to pay the bills.

A positive approach would latch on to the passion, the fact that “sometimes people buy from us!”, and run the business into debt, and the business owner (and any staff) into the ground.

A negative approach would snarl “Well, that’s a complete waste of time, then! Typical!” and slam out, hurling the locks shut, never to darken the doors of business, creativity, or passion ever again, seething with resentment over the “failure”, indulging in destructive fits of jealousy every time a similar, but successful, business crossed their path.

A creatively negative approach, on the other hand, would say “Okay; this bricks-and-mortar expression of the business isn’t working. But, there’s a lot of passion here, a lot of enjoyment – let’s close down the shop/office, and play around with how we can monetize the energy and passion we most definitely have for the concept – a physical base didn’t work, but that doesn’t mean the idea won’t work. And, if we close down now, we still have the enthusiasm and energy to commit to getting the idea to work, albeit in a different way to what we initially envisioned.”

Positivity denies that there is a problem at all, which damages the business.

Traditional negativity claims that “a problem” automatically translates to “failure”, which damages the person/people involved in the business.

Creative negativity says there is no failure, just a need to play with the kaleidoscope until the “pattern” of the business falls into a new, productive place – no one suffers. There is no loss.

Article Credits: Ashley Ford-McAllister

Millionaire’s Digest Team, Contributor

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  1. NegativeCharge 4 years ago

    Not quite sure why these posts keep getting tagged for me as “businesswoman” – may be an American gendering of names – just a heads up, I’m a guy 🙂 (so no one’s surprised if they book me for speaking engagements! Lol. I look terrible in heels.)

  2. mylifeasishan 4 years ago

    Great post

  3. Dany Slone 4 years ago

    Loved it!

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  5. AnnaLevensonPsy 4 years ago

    I like the approach…..turning the negative around to something better! Good advice

  6. ssunshine14 4 years ago

    That’s a complete different approach and I loved it 🙂 🙂

  7. lucy 4 years ago

    your report was very informative

  8. mishtthi 4 years ago

    Absolutely True… Thanks

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  11. Great piece!

  12. Danny Vermette 4 years ago

    I love this approach! For so long I felt stuck in my current job field and I felt so hopeless about it. It wasn’t until I started actively taking steps towards a career that I really want that I started to feel more joy, purpose, and hope that this current state won’t last forever. It’s not easy and my schedule of often hectic but I am satisfied that knowing that I’m being active and not passive anymore. Thanks for this great article!

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  14. ahlzyart 4 years ago

    love the reminder!

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  16. nicaby44 4 years ago

    Tony Robbins has a quote, Leaders spend 5% of their time on the problem & 95% of their time on the solution. Get over it & crush it!

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  18. This is a damn good article and very informative to boot!?????

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