Terms of Service (For Millionaire’s Digest Staff Editors)

First of all, congratulations and thank you for becoming an Editor for the Millionaire’s Digest! As the CEO of the Millionaire’s Digest, I appreciate everyone on my team who’s willing to work hard to power the Millionaire’s Digest every day, and as a favor in return, I am willing to provide free products and/or services in which others would be required to pay for.

Now, before you start editing article(s), there are a few terms in which you must read and agree upon as an Editor for the Millionaire’s Digest. We take our Terms of Service seriously as we are dealing with other people’s personal information. Written out below is the Terms of Service in which you agree upon as an Editor for our Millionaire’s Digest Team. These Terms of Service serves for the Millionaire’s Digest Website as well as the Millionaire’s Digest Magazine(s) as well.


Applying to Become an Editor for the Millionaire’s Digest.

By applying to become an Editor for the Millionaire’s Digest, you agree that you will not do any of the following:

  • Publish article(s) under false names.
  • Completely change the article(s) in a way that projects a negative image on the author, writer, or user who submitted the article.
  • Completely change the article’s meaning.
  • Publish article(s) with other people’s personal or private information.
  • Make revisions that threatens or puts others at risk.
  • Do anything that breaks the Millionaire’s Digest Privacy Policy or Terms of Service.

If you are caught in the act of doing one or two of these things, then you will be subject to be dismissed from the Millionaire’s Digest Staff Team and possibly be banned from ever using the Millionaire’s Digest products and services again. You will also be subject to pay any charges that may arise or occur in the offense of your actions.

publish, share, or distribute any other information that we do not require to be made public in any applications and/or forms submitted by our Millionaire’s Digest users.


Information Required to Be Made Public Along With User’s Article(s). 

By becoming an Editor for the Millionaire’s Digest, you agree that you fully understand that the following information is required to be made public upon publishing the articles of users:

  • First Name, Last Name (Unless they request their name to remain private.)
  • All the categories a user applied to write for. (Entrepreneur, Entertainment, Travel, Etc.)
  • What their Millionaire’s Digest status is, which in this case will all be “Contributor.”

Any other information they provide except for the article itself should not and will not be published along with their article(s) even at the request of the user.


Making Changes to Users Who Submit Article(s).

By becoming an Editor for the Millionaire’s Digest, the Millionaire’s Digest grants you the right to make any changes to any article(s) that you believe need revisions. However, these revisions are to be made to help improve or make the article(s) sound clearer and more understandable, not to completely change the meaning of it. These revisions may include the following:

  • Organization
  • Grammar
  • Formatting
  • Sentence Structuring

Please keep in mind that we strongly believe in the freedom of speech, which means people may have their own unique way in which they write their articles. This includes slang and jargon to name a few. If this is the case, then we kindly ask that you not change their article(s) too much.

If you receive any article(s) that you know breaks our Terms of Service, then we grant you the right to decide whether or not they should be rejected for publishing on the Millionaire’s Digest. If you receive an article that you don’t necessarily know what to do with, however, then we kindly ask that you please leave a note in the header/title of the article so the Founder & CEO can review and distinguish it from the other aricles that are pending for review.


Users Who Request to Keep Their Name Private.

By becoming an Editor for the Millionaire’s Digest, you agree that you will not publish or make visible any user who submits or makes a request in their application(s) and/or form(s) they submit to the Millionaire’s Digest. If they make the request to keep their name private, then we will replace the article credits to their name with their blog/website (If they have one). If they do not own their own blog/website, then we will publish only their first name and first intial of their last name.



The Terms of Service directly written towards Millionaire’s Digest Staff Members who apply to become Editors for the Millionaire’s Digest Staff Team serves on an “is as is” basis and applies to any and all Editors on our team. If you do not fully agree to all of the following written out in our Terms of Service directly written towards our Editors, then you are not welcome to become a Millionaire’s Digest Editor on our team. We take what we do here and our Terms of Service very seriously, and we want to make sure that our Editors understand what is expected of them so the Millionaire’s Digest is a family fun and safe environment for everyone to be a part of.