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It always starts out good; the bills paid, the man fed, and the love full.

It always starts out good; calling every place we go, a date.

It always starts out good; especially when you’re making love to her mind.

Just yesterday, you were in raggedy fabrics working at the Mickie D’s on University Blvd.

I mean, come on it’s not like you had a six-figure salary or a future to hold together.

Then you met me …

Now it begins to get unfamiliar, but irresistible; she gives you a place to lay your head.

Now it begins to get unfamiliar, but irresistible; you’re working a better job, getting paid more than minimum wage, and doing MUCH better, because of her!

Now it begins to get unfamiliar, but irresistible; he’s never had lunch date with destiny so opportunity intimidates him, and now she’s calling forth the potential in his name.

INTEGRITY! To the women that constantly uses all of her energy to give that man life.

INTEGRITY! To the men that drink from her well, but pays for each drink by adding life back into her.

INTEGRITY! To the women who can turn a man’s nothing into something.

INTEGRITY! To the men who don’t bullshit her, because he too, has been to the broken city and back.

Give him some space, or walk away for a second and come back –I bet you he isn’t the man you thought. Watch his lips spew poison about how you never did shit for him! I bet his reason for losing his integrity in the broken city is because he isn’t used to having it.

Don’t give him honor, because he wouldn’t know how to spend it correctly.

Neither give him opportunity, cause his old habits are always waiting for a chance to reappear.

Despite his nasty attitude towards her and the vile words he spits in her face, tell her to keep her head up.

She has been to the broken city, and SHE HASN’T been back.
She has been to the broken city, and her INTEGRITY is still in tact!

Girl, you better leave him and the city too.

Article Credits: Kenyona Copeland

Millionaire’s Digest Team, Contributor

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  1. Loren Killdeer 4 years ago

    Awesome post. Truly enjoyed this

  2. ageofaquariusweb 4 years ago

    Love it, such depth and feeling…..a story I can relate to!

  3. 1103 Boutique 4 years ago

    Awesome piece

  4. kholood Azz 4 years ago

    Not bad

  5. nofearexpressedblog 4 years ago

    I love this

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  7. serendipity031 4 years ago

    Enjoyed this a lot..im new to the blogging life and was wondering if you could read my work and follow me and offer any criticism I’d appreciate it…thank you have a nice day

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