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According to studies, one of the things that makes a good life is having good relationship with other people. Being in a warm, loving, and protective relationship does not only make us happier, but it also makes us healthier because it helps prevent us from acquiring chronic diseases that are caused by loneliness and stress.

However, not all relationships are healthy and happy. They could be messy, complicated, or even toxic. Good relationships are not worked out overnight. They need to be tended in order to flourish.

Here are some tips to develop good quality relationships:

1. Communicate – express what you think and feel. Do not assume that other people could read what’s on your mind. Not all people are expert on body language so it’s best to communicate verbally, otherwise you risk being misinterpreted or worse, being unnoticed.

2. Acknowledge – show that you appreciate your partners, children or friends. There is no such thing as silent gratitude. You have to let people know when they did something that made you happy. It will not only reinforce good behavior, but more importantly, they will feel valued and worthy. So catch them at their best and be generous in giving well-deserved praises!

3. Do not Police – Don’t wait for other people to commit mistakes and reprimand like a police officer. If you care about the person, let them be aware of their destructive behavior before it gets worse. This will show them that you care.

4. Accept – Accept that other people are not perfect and so are you. There will always be instances when they could hurt you, or YOU HURT THEM. But always remember that you love them more! So be quick to say sorry and to forgive, and always remind yourself to forget!

5. Be Playful – Do not take things too seriously. When I was in college, I had this mantra for myself: “All problems have solutions. If it doesn’t have a solution, it’s not a problem! So I will not bother…” Learn to laugh at your mistakes and have fun in each other’s company!

People are special. We all need to feel that we are special so let’s start treating each other one!:)

Article Credits: Nina Medina

Millionaire’s Digest Staff Team, Author

  1. ClearDope 4 years ago

    Right, being playful makes other people want to be around you. Good one 😉

  2. Nina 4 years ago

    Thank you for taking the time to read my post! I appreciate your comment 🙂

  3. mylifeasishan 4 years ago

    Loved this post

  4. Aka MaKenzye 4 years ago

    Ha ! These are so accurate, great post !

  5. juwelishlamyahoocom 4 years ago

    Thanks for your blog a lot about

  6. Nina 4 years ago

    Thank you for taking the time to read. Appreciate your comment! 🙂

  7. chitra2016 4 years ago

    Love your mantra… saying that makes a lot of sense, guess I am going to be saying it from now on!! Thanks for sharing it, good write up.

    • Nina 4 years ago

      Ahuh! It helps lessen the stress, doesn’t it? 🙂 I used to worry a lot, but then I figured why worry about something when you know that you can’t do anything to resolve it, or when you know that there is a solution to it? 🙂 Thanks for reading my post and sharing me what you think!

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  9. cynthiahm 4 years ago

    Great tips!

  10. dina97 4 years ago

    Good tips.
    I have problem with communication and honesty, mostly because I don’t want to hurt others. Thanks for reminding me that it is crucial to have meaningful relationships 🙂

    • Nina 4 years ago

      Thank you for reading my post dina. It is really difficult to communicate with someone when what we are going to tell them is something that they not like but need to know…One tip that I could give you is when you communicate, instead of saying “You are…”, you say “I feel that… or What you’re doing is…” This way, it will not come across like you’re directly attacking the person, but you’re concern with how their action is affecting you. 🙂

      • dina97 4 years ago

        I think that’s good advice.
        Nothing else to do than to just do it, even though it’s sometimes frightening. 🙂
        Thank you!

        • Nina 4 years ago

          Yep! And who knows what their actual reaction would be, right? 🙂 Sometimes, our fears are just in our minds. 🙂

  11. Pine and Turpentine 4 years ago

    I love this! You’re very right! Relationships never stop needing to be tended to. 🙂

    • Nina 4 years ago

      Thank you for taking the time to read my post. Glad that you love it! ?

  12. empireanalysis 4 years ago

    Amazing post! 🙂

  13. The Watts 4 years ago

    Awesome tips!

  14. Boss in the middle 4 years ago

    Your number five is my favorite. It’s another way of saying “don’t worry about anything”. I have found that not worrying is very liberating. You can really be yourself in any situation. People will get to know, respect and like the “real you”. You’ll never have to put on a front. It’s a nice place to be in life. Awesome post!

    • Nina 4 years ago

      I agree with you! I’d rather have few people liking the “real” me than have many people like me for who I am not. ? And you’re right! Not worrying also gives me a better view of situations (which are often not as worse as when I first thought they are!).

    • Nina 4 years ago

      And thank you for your compliment on my post! ?

  15. lfish64 4 years ago

    Great points

  16. Awesome tips Nina. We were all created for relationship. It is vital to our existence. So knowing how to develop, nurture and grow a healthy relationship is a skill we must all learn to develop. http://www.shunnom.wordpress.com

    • Nina 4 years ago

      Thank you for taking the time to read my post and for sharing your thoughts! I appreciate your kind remarks. ?

  17. aamer09 4 years ago

    I really like the ‘Do not Police’ point. That was something that hadn’t crossed my mind before.
    Please check out my blog that talks about relationships. I would love if you stop by, that would mean a lot to me.


  19. This is very helpful advice. We are working on a year long project to strengthen our relationship right now. We are reading a lot about relationships and writing about our experience on our blog. Check it out and please leave some feedback!

    • Author
      Nina 4 years ago

      That’s an awesome project! I hope it’s coming along well. Happy Valentine’s Day to both of you! I will check out your blog! ?

      • Our project is only in month two. But we have already learned a lot. We have dealt with a few challenges but overall it’s been a great experience.

        • Author
          Nina 4 years ago

          That’s good to know. Challenges are inevitable, but we can always surpass it with the right frame of mind. 🙂 I hope you have a great day! 🙂

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  21. youlivefully 4 years ago

    Amazing post.. Loves it.,

  22. rjlboom 4 years ago

    Your last point is very important. I know I forget to keep it playful sometimes. Thanks for sharing!

    • Author
      Nina 4 years ago

      ? Thank you for taking the time to read my post. Most of us forget to be have more fun and be playful at times. We all get hooked up to “what’s needed to be done”. But it is important to enjoy life. Otherwise, it’ll just pass us by. Have a great day! ?

  23. Letters That Matter 4 years ago

    Amazing Post!!!

    Beautiful Read!!

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  25. Jameson Davie 3 years ago

    Reblogged this on Jameson Davie.

  26. Princess 3 years ago

    Really 🙂 it’s not necessary to be serious all the time

    • Author
      Nina 3 years ago

      Exactly! We need to enjoy and just live in the moment from time to time! ?

      • Princess 3 years ago

        That’s fun :-)and we don’t have to move around for happiness in any other thing behind this.Right?

  27. miss_ananya 3 years ago

    Really nice post!
    There is actually nothing like silent gratitude.

  28. adventurousblisss 3 years ago

    Relationships matter and good ones are hard to come by these days. When you have one that truly is gold respect them! great read thanks

    • Author
      Nina 3 years ago

      I agree with you! Thank you for taking the time to read my post. ?

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  30. Lesley Diana 3 years ago

    You brought up some very helpful points. Relationships are tricky and hard to handle so I like how you emphasized such relevant topics!

  31. williwash 3 years ago

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  32. Nishi garg 3 years ago

    Very nice.. Must to read by all..

  33. Arnab Roy Chowdhury 3 years ago

    Thanks for the suggestion.

  34. depatridge 3 years ago

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  35. depatridge 3 years ago

    Of course, relationship is important. I thought it also helps one discover oneself better many time.

  36. aashanagadkari 3 years ago

    Loved your blog

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