Can’t Keep Your Readers Engaged…?

1. Make a strong first impression

Most people’s attention span lasts just four seconds across 20 percent of website content viewed. So, when it comes to your website, think about first impressions. You want your blog to have a professional simple design; a clean and uncluttered site; and an easy to navigate path.

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Evaluate your content for your reader’s by determine your most important information and position it to capture the user’s attention.

2. Use visuals

90% of information transmitted to the brain are visuals, and there is another theory that says visuals are processed 60,000 times faster in the brain than text. Therefore, 40% of people will respond better to your visual content than plain text.

If you sell lots of products or have an ecommerce store, have clear product images.Videos are also a compelling visual tool as it makes it more engaging and immersive for your readers.

3. Eliminate barriers

Make it easy for your readers to click the important stuff, find your contact details, leave comments, and  share posts & pages from your site. Think clean, clear, and an effective design.

4. Construct magnetic headlines

Most business owners write their own copy, often as an afterthought. That means they also tend to leave critical elements, such as headlines, out of the equation.

In fact, 14 out of 50 business websites don’t contain a headline, which is not good practice.  Good headlines is the direct link to more engagement, leads, conversions and sales.

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5. Be mobile-friendly

Now that most people carry a mini computer in their back pockets, the days of the desktop are slowly fading away.

Users who go online “mostly via desktop” are now in the vast minority. Check out these stats on global Internet usage:

  • Mostly via desktop: 11%
  • Evenly split between both mobile and PC: 28%
  • Mostly via mobile: 37%
  • Only via mobile: 23%

You simply must have a mobile-responsive website that looks good on desktop computers, smartphones, and tablets.

6. Create massive value content

Readers are selfish. They want to get something out of viewing your site, and rightly so. It’s chipping into their valuable time.

It should go without saying that one of the best ways to create value on your website is to have a blog. But not just any blog. It must serve as a valuable resource to potential leads and current customers alike.

The benefit is that blogging brings compounding results. Write your post once, and it continues to work for you over the long term.

7. Use a call to action

The whole point of any marketing effort, including that of your website, is that you want people to do something. The easiest way to get them to do something is to have a call to action (CTA) on every page of your site.

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It can be as simple as using a text like “Click here”, “Try it now,” or “Subscribe for updates.”

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