Be a Little Delusional

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To think of yourself as a leader typically has a bit of a delusional quality to it. To think that you will live your life in such a way that will have any kind of significant impact on the world is unrealistic for the majority of people.

If you look at the world in a realistic perspective, you will be average. For almost everyone reading this, that statement is true. You will have a small area of influence, a small sphere that you might be able to make a small difference in. You most likely won’t change the world, you probably won’t do anything of significance, you won’t make a dent in the universe….

Even with this reality staring me in the face….
I can’t help but think to myself…

Where’s the fun in that? Live your life as if you will be written about in the history books. Live as if you’ll leave a legacy for millions to follow. If you expect ordinary, you will achieve it every time. If you expect extraordinary, you might not hit it, but your actions will do a much better job of trying to hit it.

I would rather aim for history and fall short instead of aiming for forgettable and hitting the target.

Be a little delusional that you will make an impact worth remembering. Let your expectations go into the phenomenal, and make your actions follow. People might think you’re a little out there … When people insult you shrug them off. When people call you crazy take it as a compliment. Keep climbing, striving, and not being satisfied with status quo. Look for greatness in the midst of mediocrity.

Aim higher than everyone else. If you fall short, get up and aim even higher.

Article Credits: Zach Massa

Millionaire’s Digest Team, Contributor

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  1. Zack Massa
    agirlwhowrites 5 months ago

    Great! Like a child, make-believe!

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  4. Zack Massa
    RahulYuvi 6 months ago

    Well you are right to some extent but we have to take care that in the process of getting delusional, we should go way too far & set almost impossible targets for ourselves and then in order to achieve them, just burn ourselves out..that obviously should not happen..otherwise ,its a good advice..

  5. Zack Massa
    sam-AB 7 months ago

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  6. Zack Massa
    ellodieaid 9 months ago

    Just what I needed amazing, thank you!

  7. Zack Massa
    ashesofbeauty 10 months ago


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  9. Zack Massa
    Broken Crayons 10 months ago

    Thanks for sharing!

  10. Zack Massa
    NAREN 11 months ago


  11. Zack Massa
    thisisyouth 12 months ago

    Good advice!

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