4 Tips to Having a Good Website

Written by Millionaire’s Digest Staff Member: Nina Olivar

Founder & Owner of: The Little Miss Secret

Millionaire’s Digest Team, Contributor, Successful Living Writer

Do you want to be successful and wanna earn more money from your website? Here are some tips on maintaining your website and a good amount of viewers.

1. Avoid going down.

HTTP Error 500 Internal Server Error – A nightmare to all programmers/ website owners. You will not earn money because there’s no traffic. Make sure to have a good server that can handle your expected traffic.

2. Content is king.

It will take sometime but start building a good content on your website. Having one will keep your readers coming back. Also, a good content will boost your traffic.

3. Have a good intuitive layout.

Viewers makes their first impression based on  your layout. It should be as user friendly as possible because most viewers wants convenience. Also your texts should be readble since it is hard to read on computer screens.

4. Be Mobile Friendly

Make sure that your website is mobile friendly because most readers now uses their phones to browse. You’ll gain more viewers by doing that.

Article Credits: Nina Olivar

Millionaire’s Digest Team, Contributor

(For Travel, Writing, Beauty Bloggers & More)
  1. adal2com광교오피 10 months ago

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  2. Nina Olivar
    Aaron Williamson 10 months ago

    great job and very true

  3. Nina Olivar
    flavours2017 9 months ago

    Liked it —

  4. Nina Olivar
    Janette 9 months ago

    Being mobile friendly is huge! Right now I’m on the move so if this site wasn’t mobile friendly I wouldn’t bother. In this technology era it’s a must. Also great content is perquisite 😃 Great post!

  5. Nina Olivar
    Surya Pratap 8 months ago

    Absolutely! And point 4 is really very important as the customer trends are changing.

  6. Nina Olivar
    Akash Singh 8 months ago

    Nice tips!

  7. Nina Olivar
    williwash 7 months ago

    Reblogged this on WilliWash.

  8. Nina Olivar
    esthersfavor 7 months ago

    This is amazing, thank you

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