How to Make Yourself Look Like a Millionaire -Infographic

Ever wondered what successful millionaires wear to make them look like successful people…? Well, now you’ll know! Take a look at the infographic below!


Infographic Credits: Business Insider

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  1. Millionaire
    JackedFinance 1 year ago

    Great article!

    You don’t need to have a lot of really nice clothes. Just a few pieces that are high quality. Instead of buying more, buy better quality.

    Great advice!

  2. Millionaire
    Amanda Elliott 1 year ago

    I completely agree about the smartphone case. People always notice mine and compliment me on the creativity. It’s the details that set ou apart.

  3. Millionaire
    TawnyV 1 year ago

    Great post. Couldn’t agree more 🙂

  4. Millionaire
    Surya Pratap 1 year ago

    That was helpful. Thanks a lot

  5. Millionaire
    thesimplisticrose 1 year ago

    Very helpful for new college graduates! I personally have been working on the “quality over quantity” and selling/donating all my clothes that do not meet my new high standards!

  6. Millionaire

    awesome tips …

  7. Millionaire
    Renard Moreau 1 year ago

    [ Smiles ] I will also add that one’s clothing should be well-ironed and their shoes should be polished (Millionaires usually have a well-kept look).

  8. Millionaire
    Vernon 11 months ago

    Casual don’t mean sloppy I like that. Also comfort don’t mean sloppy.
    Great work!

  9. Millionaire
    Sarah 10 months ago

    Great tips

  10. Millionaire
    reyherb 10 months ago

    Fantastic article!!! Reblogged on

  11. Millionaire
    reyherb 10 months ago

    Reblogged this on Business Mellows and commented:
    Fantastic article! Reblogged on

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