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People judge chess too much. I’ve met way too many people who think, Hey, it’s a board game, how fun can it be? 

In reality, chess is very exciting to watch. Learning just the rules of chess makes you know about 1% of the game. There are tactics, traps, openings, pins, attack, defense, and so much other stuff that your head will blow up. No one knows everything about chess, even the greatest grandmasters. There are about 50 openings, each of them having about 5-15 lines. And I haven’t even mentioned the weird lines and openings.

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Why is Music Important?

Written by Millionaire’s Digest Team Member: T.D.

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Music. Everyone loves it. But why? Is it magic? Maybe cause it sounds good? I’m not sure. But scientific study proves that the brain and body react very differently when it comes to music. Did you know that you’re heartbeat beats to the rhythm of the music your listening to? That mean that coordination is very strong when it comes to music. So why is music important and something fun? Continue reading “Why is Music Important?”

“Stranger Things” and the Eighties Touch

Written by Millionaire’s Digest Team Member: Nick Adrian

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As you may or may not know, I’ve set up this blog to express my opinions and thoughts on current and past books, albums, and films. So you’re probably wondering (or you may not be, I wouldn’t know) why my first post is centered around a TV show. Stranger Things is unlike any show I’ve ever seen before, and it is so greatly influenced by eighties movies that it feels like you’re watching one.

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It’s a Girl Thing

Written By Millionaire’s Digest Team Member: Angi Abercrombie

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It happens to the best of us but I’m pretty sure it’s an isolated girl thing.

We busy fem fatales accidentally put our fashionable, stretchy workout pants on inside out! (not backward, but inside out) Allow me to paint you a visual. Wearing yoga pants or leggings inside out is when the stitching and lining are actually showing. The tag and all of its machine washing instruction glory is waving in the wind for all to see. It’s also highly possible that the white triangle crotch area is fully exposed and completely visible. OH YEAH, have you been there? ?

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Wednesday Wisdom

Written by Millionaire’s Digest Team Member: Nyasha Bosman

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“Happiness is being halfway through the week.”

It’s such an honor to be part of the Millionaire’s Digest Contribution Team, and to kick things off for my first post, I thought I’d share a little bit of inspiration and education to the day. Continue reading “Wednesday Wisdom”

The Honesty of Children: Seeing the World Through a Child’s Eyes

Written by Millionaire’s Digest Staff Member: Megan Kemmer

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If you have read through my “about me” page, you will know that I am a 23-year old college student, currently in my second semester of graduate school. I do not have children of my own, but I absolutely love kids and try to be around them as often as possible, whether it’s through babysitting, visiting friends with kids, or volunteering at the local YMCA or Head Start programs.

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The Girl in Red – Vivid Symbolism in Schindler’s List

Written By Millionaire’s Digest Team Member: Hannah Kubiak

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Steven Speilberg’s 1993 film, Schindler’s List, tells the true story of a German businessman named Oskar Schindler, who is credited with saving 1,200 Jews during the Holocaust by employing them in his factory to keep them out of the death camps. At first, Schindler employs Jews because they are cheaper to hire, but as the story progresses his motives become more altruistic, and he brings himself to bankruptcy in an attempt to save as many lives as possible. Continue reading “The Girl in Red – Vivid Symbolism in Schindler’s List”

No Country for Old Men

Written by Millionaire’s Digest Team Member: Hannah Kubiak

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No Country for Old Men is a Coen Brothers film made in 2007 that follows a briefcase full of money that seems to bring corruption and destruction to everyone it touches. From it’s first shots of open desert landscape and the complete lack of soundtrack throughout, the main impression I got was one of emptiness. Continue reading “No Country for Old Men”