8 Tips for Effective Studying

Written by Millionaire’s Digest Team Member: Anthony Bernardo

Founder & Owner of: Teachers-to-GO! Online Education Platform

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Teachers-to-GO! Searched for the best study hacks for effective studying. These study tips remind you not to study hard, but study intelligently.

1. Do a little physical exercise before your exam.

A 20-minute exercise can help you improve your performance during the exam. Exercising can boost memory and brain power.

2. Sleepy? Study.

Our brain strengthens new memories during sleep. So reviewing your notes before sleeping gives you a higher chance of remembering it the next day.

3. Find a good place to study.

If you are in a place where there are too many distractions, you will not be able to study effectively. Find a place that is conducive for learning.

4. Say it out loud.

Reading your notes loudly helps you remember something easier. Just don’t do this in the library or in crowded places.

5. Rewrite it.

If you’re in a library, rewriting is a better choice than reviewing out loud. Don’t rewrite everything; outlines are enough along with some important details.

6. Pamper yourself.

Knowing there’s a sweet treat at the end of your studying; you’ll be encouraged to do more and do better.

7. Take a break.

Rest your brain every once in a while. Breaks can boost your productivity and improve your ability to focus.

8. Find your timeframe.

Some people are better at remembering things when they have just woken up, early in the morning. While some prefer night, discern what’s yours and do it.

Article Credits: Anthony Bernardo

Millionaire’s Digest Team, Contributor

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  1. Anthony Bernardo
    Zeron+ 8 months ago

    Come on lets do not utter even a single word, do it : /

  2. Anthony Bernardo
    Smitten With Three 8 months ago

    I know from experience these are all true!! Great job 🙂

  3. Anthony Bernardo
    Dire_diarist 8 months ago

    Great tips! I only implemented the 6th and 7th one! Lol, but on a lighter note, thanks a lot. Will be really helpful! 🙂

  4. Anthony Bernardo
    allaboutlife13 7 months ago

    Quite helpful..thank u

  5. Anthony Bernardo
    maryhopes 7 months ago

    I should probably try out these tips.

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