What Truly is Appreciation?

Written By Millionaire’s Digest Team Member: Jolia L.

Founder & Owner of: Be Yourself

Millionaire’s Digest Team, Contributor and Successful Living Writer

It is an innate feeling to appreciate what is around us. It is gradual to see your vision, your reality taking place and notice these little details every day. It’s like coming out of a bubble of revolving negative thoughts, overanalysis to see your world as it is. And this is where it’s YOUR turn to observe, listen and appreciate. Sometimes it can be a job offered to your sister, the beauty of the sky after a violent storm, a good chat with your best friend, a compliment from someone. Small, simple events which make us feel alive, happy and part of the steps to have a good day. When you do notice all these little details, you do realize what is appreciation.

Appreciation is a feeling arising in our mind when we start to be aware, to set up our own pace by being organized for instance or changing our habits slowly but surely. It sounds cliché at first because we have been brainstormed to believe appreciation means slowing down which is the contrary of the motto of our time which glorify busyness and productivity. But this is where it’s crucial to realize this: without appreciation, there is no taste for life, no thank you for what we have, no time to reflect and the risk to be engulfed in a vicious, stressful and negative circle. And this run has to stop. We need to take back control of our life and make the right choices.

Because we have this power, we need to use it meaningfully. And it’s only by being grateful that we can see where we are and what will be our next path/ direction. So, take the time to write down for what you feel grateful each day and your mind will help you to see more and more what you can truly appreciate in your life.

I am doing it daily and I discover all the beautiful gems in my life that I never noticed until now. It is sometimes life-changing or emotionally strong but I am coming back from these moments stronger, happier because I am learning more about myself.

Appreciation is a virtuous circle as well as a door to knowing yourself continuously. Let your life be the sunshine by accepting appreciation in your life.

Article Credits: Jolia L.

Millionaire’s Digest Team, Contributor

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  1. Gaelle
    Aaron Williamson 12 months ago

    great job i love the millionaires digest team

  2. Gaelle

    Great work!! 👌👌

  3. 💚 – AdilaMKarol 11 months ago

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    AdilaMKarol 11 months ago

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  5. Gaelle
    mindelate 10 months ago

    This is so lovely and positive! Appreciation and gratefulness are powerful and contagious! Thank you for the post 🙂

  6. Gaelle
    thesilence2017 9 months ago

    Thanks for your post, God bless you miss. 🙂

  7. Gaelle
    williwash 8 months ago

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  8. Gaelle
    Wild Cabbage Works 8 months ago

    Such a powerful article. Great reminder to enjoy life and what it gives. Here’s to appreciating all the joys of life, the ups, downs, and especially the beginnings no matter how often they come.

    • Gaelle Author
      leptitblogdejolia 8 months ago

      Thank you for your comments! Yes, the essence of life is to truly appreciate.

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