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Tidbits of news, perhaps not your views. Who’s in the news? Who would you choose? Not the tooth fairy? Well, opinions vary. Ain’t that the truth, my dear! Perhaps it’s fear or lack of it. I feel we’re above it.


But isn’t pitiful, we’re not more dutiful? What does it take, a good person to make? Hey, you! You must have a clue. There’s no show if you don’t know.


This little ditty may not say much; just words n’ such. So get to the point, you say. Enough of your stuff. I don’t have all day!


Hey, watch your mouth! You can just take yourself south! What I am trying to convey is kindness goes a long way. Don’t be so smug and share a hug. Do it today!


Oh, I see

It’s okay to disagree

but, please be kind

Because you will find

opinions vary

so best be wary

I respect what you say

even if it means,

keeping feelings at bay

I expect the same

So no one’s to blame

   The basic difference between being assertive and being aggressive is how our words and behavior affect the rights and well being of others.”― Sharon Anthony Bower

Article Credits: Franci Hoffman

Millionaire’s Digest Staff Team, Author

  1. Franci Hoffman
    Sarah J Callen 9 months ago

    Yes! Such a good reminder! Always be kind, even when you disagree!

    • Franci Hoffman Author
      -Eugenia 9 months ago

      Thank you for reading and responding.

  2. Franci Hoffman
    jade0207 7 months ago

    Always be respectful even even if your opinion differs from the other person

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    • Franci Hoffman Author
      -Eugenia 7 months ago

      Thank you for sharing. Much appreciated! 😃

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