Failing is Growing

Written by Millionaire’s Digest Staff Member: Kalin W.

Founder & Owner of: KDS

Millionaire’s Digest Staff Team, Author and Writing Writer

Many times…you’ve tried to write that paper. You’ve tried to solve that equation.

You even tried to write the next viral blog post but just can’t seem to do it. What are you even doing wrong?

You’re failing. That’s what it is. No matter what you do, someday, life is going to bring you down. That’s a fact.

But keep in mind this: Does it end with an endless despair of failing? It doesn’t.

In a sense, failing happens to be a growth for what you’ve done wrong. It is where you happen to realize what went wrong and to also fix it up so it can work the next time you try something.

Even the creator of KDS happens to fail all the time no matter what he does!

Always keep in mind: Failing is Growing. Every time you fail at something, your chances of growth and success have been increased so you can do something that will be bigger AND better. Maybe stronger too if you’re exercising!

As long as you keep going and keep trying, and of course keep failing to a certain extent, you WILL write that grade A paper, you will solve that equation correctly.

And the next blog post you write WILL go viral. But it will only happen if you’ve failed to a certain extent.


Article Credits: Kalin W.

Millionaire’s Digest Staff Team, Author

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  1. Kalin Wachsmuth
    Karleen C. 1 year ago

    Loved this.

    • Kalin Wachsmuth Author
      kds407 1 year ago

      No way! So glad to hear that! Hope you can check out my blog for more stuff like this! Remember: Failing is Growing!!!

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  3. talentexposite 1 year ago

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  4. Kalin Wachsmuth
    Phaytea's Pulse 12 months ago

    Totally agree

  5. Kalin Wachsmuth
    SisirGhosh 12 months ago


  6. Kalin Wachsmuth
    Isaac T.Wise 11 months ago

    I believe by failing and learning from the mistakes we made, we will become much more better than before. I remember that a master has more failure than a rookie. So keep doing the thing you want and if you fail, go rise your output even further than before. Great article.

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  8. Kalin Wachsmuth
    thePathFynder 11 months ago

    The only way to grow

  9. Kalin Wachsmuth
    shania1989 10 months ago
  10. Kalin Wachsmuth
    Darie.T 10 months ago

    I love this so entirely motivational and supportive

  11. Kalin Wachsmuth
    thegirlnextdoor 9 months ago

    Failing is Growing.

  12. Kalin Wachsmuth
    2catspluskids 8 months ago

    The trick is to not let the failure consume you to a point where you no longer want to achieve. Nice article!

  13. Kalin Wachsmuth
    Bhavya Pal 7 months ago

    Very nicely written, truely said that falling is growing. Consistency is the key after all. We need to get back up after every fall only to hustle even harder this time.

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