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Forget Everything And Run, or Face Everything And Rise. It’s YOUR Choice!”- Anonymous

There are times in my life when I am scared to try a new thing just because I can’t imagine myself failing, even if I know deep inside me that I am going to be good at that certain thing. There are moments when I second-guess myself and doubt my own capabilities, fearing that I may badly hurt my self-esteem and may not recover from the blow.

However, I realized that whenever I do that— whenever I allow my fears to dictate my decisions and actions, I would only be wasting opportunities.  I would be throwing away my chances to succeed and thrive.

Fear is an illusion that our minds create to protect us from danger; but we should not allow it to disable us. Fear is NOT real.

So let us make the choice to overcome our fears and start believing that we can! If we fail, it is okay. WE CAN ALWAYS TRY AGAIN. Enjoy life everyone! =)

Article Credits: Nina Medina

Millionaire’s Digest Staff Team, Author

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  1. Nina Medina
    Fatin Quran 10 months ago

    This is so important!! Thank you for this! ❤️

    • Nina Medina Author
      Nina 10 months ago

      Thank you for reading and I appreciate your comment! ☺

  2. Nina Medina
    samba2017 10 months ago

    Thanks this was a very uplifting post and has really inspired me! Sam 🙂

    • Nina Medina Author
      Nina 10 months ago

      Thank you Sam! I’m glad to know that you find my post uplifting. 😊

  3. Nina Medina
    Vernon 9 months ago

    Fear can be paralyzing can’t It?
    It’s something I’ve learned that will never go away.
    I pray for the courage to walk through my fears.
    But sometimes it still gets the best of me.
    What I’ve notice most is whenever there is change fear is right there with it.
    Great post!

    • Nina Medina Author
      Nina 9 months ago

      Hi Vernon,

      Thank you for your generous comment. It is true that change can be fearsome. But whenever we overcome our fears, we also feel pride for our courage and happiness for being able to face them! I also agree that our faith and prayers help encourage us! 😊

  4. Nina Medina
    obrazemblog 9 months ago

    Yes yes yes yes 🙂 sometimes it is reall hard to beat it, sometimes you have to do it and sometimes we are afraid even if we do not havy some real reason 🙂

    • Nina Medina Author
      Nina 9 months ago

      I agree, overcoming fear is not easy…but it doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Most of the time, prayers and the belief that we can do it help! 🙂

    • Nina Medina Author
      Nina 9 months ago

      Thank you for reblogging my post. ☺

  5. Nina Medina
    -Eugenia 9 months ago

    Great post and inspiring. It’s difficult to overcome fear. Sometimes we can’t get past it and perhaps, warranted. However, some fears can be met, analyzed and dealt with.

    • Nina Medina Author
      Nina 8 months ago

      Thanks Eugenia! And you’re right. Most of our fears are irrational sometimes and could be dealt with. We just need to believe that they could be overcome.

  6. Nina Medina
    Addie 8 months ago

    Very true! Great post!

  7. Nina Medina
    femme rewritten 8 months ago

    Great content! This is something I really needed to hear.
    Following to keep up with your future content!
Stop by sometime!
Mena ✨

  8. Nina Medina
    williwash 8 months ago

    Reblogged this on WilliWash.

  9. Nina Medina
    YEAH BUT Game 8 months ago

    In my experience i have found that fear is the origin of all our behaviour reaction. ONLY THE LOVE OF GOD DRIVES OUT FEAR, BECAUSE FEAR HAVE TORMENT AND PUNISHMENT. THOSE SUFFERING FROM FEAR HAVE NOT YET LOVE.
    1JOHN 4:18

  10. Nina Medina
    manasal397 8 months ago

    A great article. Every words are absolutely true and motivating. I really am inspired by your thought. Thank you for sharing.

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