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Book written By: Aui V.


-A book dedicated to the tragedy of the loss of her son.



When Aui V. lost her son to drunk driving, she was forced to face something she was not prepared for. Dealing with her agony, she seeks comfort in writing which leads her to a deeper understanding of love, parenting, death, life and alcoholism.
In THE BOOZE STOLE MY SON, Aui V. shares a remarkable account of resilience in the face of an excruciating pain and hope in the promises of God. Through the combination of personal story, biblical evidence of individual ruins after drinking, and the latest research findings on the disease of alcoholism, readers will learn effective ways of dealing with their loved one’s drinking.
The BOOZE STOLE MY SON is a celebration of hope in God’s plan that is always beautiful in the end.

Want to read it…? It’s on Amazon now! You can also talk to her personally by visiting her website!

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