Need a Witness for Your Fitness?

Written by Millionaire’s Digest Team Member: Katie A.

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We’ve all said it, “I need to work out.”  Most of us know that fitness has many benefits.  We are social beings.  We love being around other people, some more than others.  Having someone to workout with provides us with a witness, or in other words a workout buddy.

It doesn’t matter what we call our exercise buddy because no matter what they help motivate us.  Well as long as they don’t quit on us. If you want some tips for motivation check out Motivation Hesitation.   The other option is to be in an atmosphere with people who have the same interests.  So the obvious answer to help you workout is to get a membership to a gym.  The gym is great.  I love workout classes like Zumba.  For most people going to the gym is an on-going battle.  It’s just not obtainable to go to the gym for the average American.  Most of us try to go, and after a few days or a month we give up because it’s not convenient.  To make a new habit stick it should be convenient.  When we finally get a chance to do something for ourselves it’s hard to find the time to pack gym clothes, drive to the gym, change, workout, and some of us even change back into work clothes.  Not to mention the fact a membership could be $20 to $50 per month.

How do we make working out more convenient while involving other people?

 This is a hard one.  For some people the gym is the only way to go.  If they don’t go to the gym then they won’t ever work out.  Everyone should do what works for them!  The following are some tactics you should consider trying.

  • Work out at home. Take turns having a friend come to your house, or you going to their house.  For at home workout ideas see Your New Favorite Device For At Home Workouts.
  • Meet someone half way between your house, and theirs. Then make your own walking or running route.
  • Workout with a purpose. In other words walk to the library to meet a friend.  Work outside with your husband, or help a friend with a manual labor task.  Every little bit helps!
  • If everything else fails run to your mailbox, do butt kicks while cooking dinner, or exercise with a purpose and clean as fast as you can. Then you can call someone, and talk about it.

I hope this helps you find something that works in your lifestyle!  Do you have any other convenient workout ideas?

Article Credits: Katie A.

Millionaire’s Digest Team, Contributor

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  3. Monica Marie 3 years ago

    Reblogged this on LFTD.

  4. Coach Nate 3 years ago

    One of my favorite little hacks is along the lines of that last bullet. I put on some fast pace music and jam while I do dishes or other cleaning. For a little break in monotony, I’ll do cleaning for 5 minutes, then break and do some sort of ridiculous dancing or exercise for 5 minutes. Makes cleaning more fun since I hate doing that with a passion!

  5. oldheartnewstart 3 years ago

    Inviting friends over to do YouTube fitness videos is really fun. It’s also easy on the wallet! There are some super fun workout videos out there.

  6. Brainy Versatility 3 years ago

    Woah, I think I just found the fitness page I have been looking for in here and then some MORE. I am still speechless. Kind of that feeling when you walk into a store and your like am buying everything. I want to go into every page. Much Respect to the Millionaire’s Digest.I will be in here way too often. Too much knowledge not to be in here. Salute!

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  8. Get Fit Quick! 3 years ago

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  9. areadingcat 3 years ago

    I definitely want to workout and having a friend tag along with help tremendously! I also think that after some time, it becomes a habit and you’ll just do it. Read about creating habits here – 🙂

  10. adventurousblisss 3 years ago

    great tips! thanks!

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  13. Bhavya Pal 3 years ago

    I personally prefer working out in my home. It just feels more free. Nice post.

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