Millionaire’s Digest Matchmaker

Find friends based on the same passions, interests, and more!

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Current update on progress: Not yet started, but close!

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Founder & CEO Thoughts (Private): I’m excited for this, as this is what’s going to play a huge role in building this platform into the future, and I feel like that if we can make this in a way that attaches to people’s emotions and feelings, than we can really make this go far.

Okay, so what are the different ways we can do this? Okay, so for this, these are the different ways I currently have and plan to set this up:

-Find friends based on passions, hobbies, and interests.

-Find friends based on personality/characteristic traits.

-Find friends based on location (County, State, and City ONLY).This is to keep the privacy of ALL our users “actual” location address secure to prevent all the sicko’s in this world who abuse and will use our match making system to do negative and harmful things.

-Find friends based on other friend connections and friends they have in common with their current friends.