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A few months ago, one of my coworkers visited us at home during my 4-week vacation and she was venting to me about the situation at work, she was not happy and was angry at the boss. She was on the verge of handing in her resignation letter, it was that bad. So while we were talking, I didn’t realize that my son was listening while he was playing with his legos. It was too late when I realized it:

Coworker: Hi, how are you?

Son: Hi, I’m good… Do you know what I do when I’m angry?

Coworker: No (says with a surprised look), but you can tell me… When I’m angry I talk to somebody and after awhile I feel okay.

Son: Oh! That’s good! I don’t talk to somebody, I just imagine a cookie.

Coworker: What do you mean? Imagine a cookie?

Son: When I’m angry I think of a cookie and it makes me smile because I love cookies and then I become happy again…

(LIFE! I wish it was that easy)… Believe it or not, my coworker was actually touched by the conversation. She texted me the next day saying she drew a cookie on her desk to remind her of her conversation about anger.

Article Credits: Etch H.

Millionaire’s Digest Team, Contributor

  1. gruadacreations 4 years ago

    Children are sneaky, I’ve had issues with my 4 year old dropping in and not realizing it. Lol. And yea I wish life was that easy.

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  3. One Flawsome Momma 4 years ago

    So cute! Simple advice from a kid. lol

  4. Coach Nate 4 years ago

    Great advice usually is pretty simple like that. And yeah, our going in 6 year old has taught us that they are always listening. Even from a younger age he was always acutely aware of surroundings.

    • Author

      thats right, kids are so aware of everything…they appear like all they care is to play but they know how to deal with things in their own special and simple ways…we should learn from them…

  5. Love is better way for the children ?

  6. William 4 years ago

    What a cute and innocent reply! Love your thoughts too! 🙂

  7. dudimadge 3 years ago

    There is always something one can learn from others regardless of their age.

  8. shamimsobhani 3 years ago


  9. deblogtroop 3 years ago

    Sweeet 🙂

  10. kaustubh2323 3 years ago

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  12. ClassyQueeny 3 years ago

    Hahah kids cam teach us so many of the simple things if most of us would sit and listen. Great post, thanks for sharing ?

  13. The Messy Mommy 3 years ago

    Your son’s strategy is pure gold 🙂 I might start keeping a cookie in my car to calm me down during particularly crappy traffic!

  14. Kids are pretty wise!!

  15. trendsandrelations 3 years ago

    Kids and their purity is one of the most important and beautiful things in our world this was an amazing reminder of it

    • Author

      u are right, their innocent heart is so refreshing and a good reminder to us….most of the time, we are caught up in this complicated world that we forget that we can live simply and be happy like this little kids

  16. Aaron Williamson 3 years ago

    great job mate and we should all take some advice from your son

  17. GANSU 3 years ago

    How I wish life can be so simple like thinking of a cookie when thinks are not going the way you want it to

    • Author

      i agree…we wish that life is that simple..?…sometimes though, we make it complicated and we make our anger rule over us and that makes life even more complicated…have a good day…

  18. williwash 3 years ago

    Reblogged this on WilliWash.

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  20. fitintheframe 3 years ago

    Love this story! It amazes me the different tactics individuals take in certain situations. I personally have a few deep breaths before I address a situation that will cause me to get out of character lol

  21. easylife967 3 years ago

    Very nice thought

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