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My small Jansport backpack and Adidas duffle bag have seen a lot. They’ve been all over Europe and to Asia, and even to other parts of the United States just for the weekend. That’s because there’s nothing I hate more than checking a bag when I travel – the faster I can leave the airport and start exploring, the happier I am.

With most airlines charging to check baggage, there’s a lot of money to be saved for travelers who can fit everything into a carry on.

Learn the essentials

Look through your closet for clothes that are versatile. Remember that whatever you pack you will be wearing multiple times (sometimes without access to a washing machine).

Black or dark blue skinny jeans are a good call here. You can dress them up or down, they are conservative enough that you won’t get kicked out of a church while sight-seeing, and most importantly, you can change up your look every day with shirts, scarves and outerwear.

Light-weight shirts are also another good choice – they don’t take up much room in your bag so you can pack a lot of them, and you won’t be stuck wearing the same shirt day in and day out. If you’re traveling in the winter, light-weight scarves can help keep you warm while also changing up your day-to-day look.

Ditch the bulkyness

You really really don’t need (and I promise you this) all of the shoes that you want to take with you. I try to only have three pairs with me at all times: a close-toed pair of good walking shoes, and open-toed pair of walking shoes, and a nicer pair for a low-key day or going to nice restaurant or bar. If you can, try to bring shoes that won’t show dirt, won’t break easily and don’t hurt after being worn all day long.

The same goes for heavy jackets in the winter. Take two – a more casual one that will serve you during the day or on a hike, and a nicer jacket if you want to ditch the backpacking vibe for the day or night.

Bulky items will ruin your ability to travel lightly – especially if that one cute sweater or that one pair of wedges takes up half of your bag!

The Rule of Thumb

Always remember that when in doubt, don’t pack it!

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    Love the trend lately of stating how long the blog will take to read- great concept and really catches the attention of the reader!

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    Great tips, that is exactly what we do when we travel. Where do you normally get walking shoes?

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    I usually take three outfits along. I can mix and match it into nine outfits and use different accessories. They are small and light and can completely change an outfit.

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    Super great post! I went to Europe with one bag that I could carry on my back. It is the way to go!!!! Most people pack way too much stuff! Less is the way to go!

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    So informative!!! Loved this for our next vacay

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    A few years back my wife and I traveled from Venice to Positano with stops in between and we had 2 large suitcases and a giant Sony Vaio laptop. We’ve learned our lesson (I hope).

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