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What is this guy talking about? Who attains a positive mindset nowadays? Everything is so complicated and sad!

Well no, that’s not quite right! Of course life can be depressing,awful and sad. Sometimes it may even seem as if you are trapped in it’s dark chains. But it’s not about those moments, it’s about the moments when you feel free,happy and alive.So how can you embrace these moments, how can you achieve a positive mindset?

First – You have to be confident and aware of your powers! Check this quote:

“You have seen your own strength. You have seen your own beauty. You have seen your golden wings. Of anything less, why do you worry?” – Rumi

Second – You have to have the inspiration. For me it comes when I do the things I love, as well as the ones developing me in the right direction. It’s simple – do more of the things you came here to do!

Third – You must be pumped up! And when I say pumped up I mean you don’t settle with anxiety or stress. When you are calm enough to be the master of your current situation,you can’t help yourself but feel good. This can be achieved by embracing the present moment instead of wandering through time.

Finally – You must be patient. Don’t overthink so much, instead take your time to relax – everything will align perfectly!

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    Very nice content!
    Actually I am new to this and I have written on change in my second write-up. Will you please provide feedback. Thanks

  3. Melissa 4 years ago

    Love this!

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    This is an incredible read! Usually i try to apply this way of thinking to my fitness goals. Thanks so much!

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  7. Musings And Music 4 years ago

    True indeed..

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    Great post

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    I feel super motivated after reading this…great post!

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    One of the best posts I’ve read today. Great content!

    • Author
      colourfullifenotes 4 years ago

      I really appreciate it! Thank you!

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    Great read- thank you for posting!

  13. Happily Tanned 4 years ago

    Great article. Very helpful!

  14. Thank you for the article! #2 is so true but I did not realize this about myself until I read it here in your blog.

  15. SilverWench 4 years ago

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  16. waywardwheeler 4 years ago

    Taking your time and being patient I’ll totally agree, “The tolerance of uncertainty is the prerequisite to succeeding”. love the post man. Thanks for the read.

  17. americasuits 3 years ago

    You can only have a positive mind set when you are actually happy with your life, and the only way you can be happy in life is if you make the right choices and decisions in life because we only one life to live

  18. Brian 3 years ago

    Great post. Never forget why you’re doing something too. That always helps!

  19. Dany Slone 3 years ago

    Nice post, just what I needed…

    • Author
      colourfullifenotes 3 years ago

      I’m really glad my work assisted you, this is my goal!

  20. I really like this one and have read it twice so far and know I will read it again. Thanks!!

  21. Your post is great! I am motivated to gain a positive mindset. In fact, my blog has a similar theme to this article! ?

  22. Monergyguy 3 years ago

    Tranquility and unconditional love to confront the daily assault of bad news is the key; it’s a process, but so worth the effort.

  23. GiltsandGlamz 3 years ago

    Thank you! Great reminder ?

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  25. Mlleshopping 3 years ago

    . “To every disadvantage there is a corresponding advantage.” – W. Clement Stone

  26. Mlleshopping 3 years ago

    The kingdom of happiness is in your thought and feeling. Too many people have the idea that it takes something artificial to produce happiness. Some say, “If I were elected mayor, made president of the organization, promoted to general manager of the corporation, I would be happy.” The truth is that happiness is a mental and spiritual state.
    – Joseph Murphy

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  28. Angie Sim 3 years ago

    I need this for work haha (apparently I don’t smile enough)-

    Thanks for sharing! Interesting read that was actually really helpful.


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