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My second blog post is going to be a relatively short one.  I just wanted to inform those that are interested in cheaper travel of this amazing website that I actually learned about from my Mother!

I’d say that 90% of people in today’s world would travel to a foreign country for the fun of it, assuming they have the money and time to do so.

Unfortunately, traveling to foreign countries can be EXPENSIVE!

My College’s Sociology department recently announced that they were going on a flight to the Dominican Republic to do community work for a week, and I could go for about $2,000.  I was legitimately considering going on this trip.

Then my Mother sent me an email with a link to something known as TravelZoo..  They had a deal in which they sent people on a Cruise to the Dominican Republic for about $550.


You mean I can now do the Community Work in the Dominican Republic, AND take a Cruise there?!  For just $550???!!!

Plus all meals are included in those $550

Needless to say, I signed up for the trip.

About a week later, TravelZoo released another deal that will soon allow me to fly out of New York to Thailand.  I’d get to stay in the City of Bangkok (Which I have pictured below) in a 4 star hotel for 8 nights, with free Breakfast every day.  All for $750.

I whole heatedly intend on going on this trip as well.

I promise I’m not being paid by TravelZoo to advertise for them or anything like that.  I just wanted to keep those of you that have a passion for travel, but may not have all the money in the world, from paying ridiculous amounts of money to travel when there are astonishingly cheaper deals on TravelZoo.

I went from paying almost $2,000 to go to the Dominican Republic with my college’s Sociology Department, to paying about $1,300 to go on a cruise to the Dominican Republic, as well as to stay 8 nights in Thailand.

I’ll definitely be writing about my experiences in these foreign countries when the time comes.

I hope this helped you travel lovers find a more affordable way to do what you love!

Seth Kumar Henry

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  1. Lish Wells 3 years ago

    This was really inspiring! Love it!
    Lish x

  2. Jenara 3 years ago

    Thank you for sharing! Exceptional, money-saving travel ideas!

  3. Wanderlissimo 3 years ago

    Thanks for the tip, we’ll check it out 🙂

  4. balabhaskar6 2 years ago

    Reblogged this on balabhaska and commented:
    Spend the life

  5. genuineoutlooks 2 years ago

    Amazing! I am from the Dominican Republic, hope you enjoy our white sands and crystal water beaches. 😉

  6. genuineoutlooks 2 years ago

    I am relatively new to this blog world. Mind checking some of my posts and telling me your opinions?

  7. Eric 2 years ago

    I have just decided to go travelling yesterday and started planning today. For someone that is going travelling for the first time and solo I started a blog in order to help others and myself out. I need everything from a bag pack to flights so I will defiantly be checking this site out for my flights, thanks for the tip 🙂

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  9. kennalivesabroad 2 years ago

    Thanks so much for sharing this. I always feel as though I am limited to my travels because of money, so this will help out a lot!

  10. Starting a travel blog of my own, check it out!!

  11. TheGirlOnTheGo 2 years ago

    Thank you for sharing! Going to look up immediately!

  12. Wanderfully Living 2 years ago

    Thank you for sharing! We will be sure to take advantage of this when we are done all our planned trips and looking for more adventures 🙂

  13. dustyrucksack 2 years ago

    Nice !

  14. KavaraStories 2 years ago

    Thanks for the tips!

  15. mirindatravels 2 years ago

    Thanks for sharing .. loved it

  16. cromainer 2 years ago

    Wow, that’s a great money saving. I will definitely look for it as well. Really thank you for this share.Great help.

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