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What are your passions, interests, and talents...?

About the Millionaire's Digest:

The Millionaire's Digest allows you to create and discover posts based on your own passions, interests, and talents.


Create Posts with Style.

With 4 different post editors, you can create posts by writing articles, uploading videos, sharing photos, or uploading music.

Discover Posts Based on 4 Different Styles.

What are you in the mood for...?

(New!) Build an Audience, and Keep Them Up to Date.

Not only can you share your passions, interests, and talents through posts, but you can build an audience of your own at the same time!

(New!) Keep Up to Date with the People & Accounts You Really Love.

Automatically add accounts who's posts you really like to hear about, and send people who share the same common interests, passions, and talents as you, friend requests, messages, and more!

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(Private CEO Thoughts) Now Think, Strategy: What can we do or say that gets people interested into what it is we have to say about our magazine?


For the Creative Type:

The Millionaire's Digest Magazine allows you to get your name out there more, and gets you exposure to a large audience base.

For the Entertained Type:

The Millionaire's Digest Magazine is uniquely created in a way that every magazine is not. (Another words, it is literally the opposite of what a magazine is.)

Get Your Name and Articles Out There More.

If you are new and/or have a blog, a book, a business, a product, a service, a brand, or something that you have a hard time getting out in front of people, if you can relate your articles to one of the magazines we produce, we can help publish all of that in our magazine for you.

Choose from Up to 27 Different Magazines to Apply For.

At the moment, we only produce and have 27 magazines in our product line, but we give all our writers the ability to apply for more than one.

Choose Your Own Style and Way of Writing

What you come up with is completely up to you, but we always ask that you keep our readers in mind and give them something to take away from them each time as that is who you do this for.

It's All Based on Your Own Passions & Interests.

We only focus our magazine on the interests and passions that you have in common with the topics and writers.

It's Produced & Written by Passionate and Talented Writers, Businesses, Brands, Etc.

This may sound crazy, but our writers are chosen for what they love and know what they are good at, and not because of a forced degree/education.

It's Always Written with Our Readers in Mind.

Our writers always write their articles in a way for you, to give you something to take away from it, or to entertain in some way.

It's Completely Based on Passion.

The Millionaire's Digest Magazine is a magazine product line that consists of 25+ different magazines editions.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question to add: What is the difference between the platform and magazine? (For this, I honestly believe we should answer it in a very good and short sentence, then link it to a page that explains the difference in full detail, but the thing to keep in mind here is to make sure to answer it well and use images, charts, tables, and other visual items since we are explaining this to our users.)

Ready to Get Started?

And then for this section, honestly, I feel like we should just break it down like this: Either by using buttons, or in a unique and cool way of getting people's attention, and those buttons I would use would be Create an Account, Explore the Platform, and Explore the Magazine.

(Private) CEO Thoughts: Now, I do believe we honestly need to add one more thing and that is the ability to apply to become a writer for the Millionaire's Digest, or another words, for the Millionaire's Digest status account. Other than that, we are good to go my friend!

Something to Note About This: Put the strongest one last, or say something strong that will make readers want to explore/learn more about the magazine, or order the magazine.

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