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Table of Contents

I. Signing Up to Join Our Millionaire’s Digest Team.

II. Writing Out Your Articles/Posts.

I. Signing Up to Join Our Millionaire’s Digest Team

Question: How long do my articles/posts have to be?

Answer: However long you want! Write whatever you’re passionate about sharing!

Question: Do I need to write an article/post on a daily basis or specific amount of time?

Answer: No. Unlike other websites, we understand that a lot of you guys can get busy too, so we just let you write whenever you have time to do so! (It’s one of the best parts about being on our Millionaire’s Digest team!)

Question: Can I submit a post that I’ve already written from my website?

Answer: Sure can! Just as long as it doesn’t break our Terms of Service.

Question: How do I submit my post? (Team Members Only)

If you were invited t

III. Membership for





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