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As you may know, there are many different kinds of protein powders, all of which are unique in their own way. We are going to go over some of these powders, explain why its unique, and when it may be ideal to take it.

1.) Whey Protein Concentrate

Whey protein concentrate is the most common source of protein you will find in tubs of protein. This particular source of protein is not very high in quality, but is recommended for beginners who want to add protein to their diets. Whey protein concentrate is also a cheap option, once again providing a perfect supplement for anyone wanting to increase their protein intake.

2.) Whey Protein Isolates

Whey isolates are one of my favorite sources of protein seeing how I always have it in stock in my own personal arsenal of supplements. Whey isolates are unique due to its quick absorption. Isolates should be taken first thing in the morning in order to get a fast-digesting source of protein in order to feed your muscles and prevent catabolism. They can also be taken post workout due to its quick-digesting properties. I take my whey isolate to the gym with me where i drink it as soon as i am done with my routine in order to maximize growth/recovery rate.

3.) Hydrolysate Protein

Hydrolyzed protein is the highest quality source of protein since it is second to none when it comes to absorption. They possess highly absorbable peptides which are used in muscle growth and recovery. Hydrolyzed protein is also considered to have the highest absorption rate of any protein powder on the market. Once again since it is a quick digesting source of protein, it would be ideal to consume the supplement in the morning and right after a workout.

4.) Casein Protein

Casein is completely different than hydrolyzed protein and whey isolates in that it is a slow digesting protein, usually taking several hours at a time to be completely absorbed and utilized. Casein is a great meal replacement since it keeps you full longer than any of the other proteins listed here. The reason for its appetite suppressing capabilities lies in the fact that it takes your body several hours to breakdown casein protein. The best time to take this supplement is right before bed in order to prevent catabolism for as long as possible and keep a steady source of protein in your system while you sleep.

5.) Soy Protein

Although soy is not a widely recommended source of protein for bodybuilders, it is definitely a reliable source of protein for vegans and vegetarians. In my opinion, soy protein is a great source of protein since it also contains high amounts of glutamine, arginine, and BCAA’s. All of which help with growth and recovery.

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  1. farmlifeflourish 4 years ago

    What about raw protein powders?

  2. Author
    ferreirafitness2 4 years ago

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  4. mylifeasishan 4 years ago

    Great post

    • Author
      ferreirafitness2 4 years ago

      A typical whey protein isolate would be good for you seeing how you’re a runner and isolates are light and won’t make you feel full or nauseous seeing how you run long distances. But isolates usually come with little to no carbs so you would have to supplement an isolate protein shake with oats (good source of complex carbs) in order to give you the energy you need. Hydrolyzed protein or an isolate protein would be best to take after a run in order to get a quick source of protein to recover.

  5. Author
    Apex Fitness 4 years ago

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  6. Sherry Rosenwein 4 years ago

    Very helpful read!

  7. ishachoudhary 4 years ago

    Great post….helpful for everyone…?

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  9. Jack 4 years ago

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  10. bberns27 4 years ago

    great post. I love lists of healthy things 😉 definitely subscribing for more like this! I have similar lists on my blog. Definitely check it out if you want some tips or inspiration.


  11. krisboingg 4 years ago

    hey there, what about other vegan options like hemp protein and pea protein, are they any good?

  12. dasoulstriker 4 years ago

    Thanks for sharing with us

  13. iamthyroidtoday 4 years ago

    Good to know! Thanks for sharing 😉

  14. LivingOutLoud 4 years ago

    This was really helpful. Thanks! 🙂

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  16. Good write up about the different types of whey protein but there are several types of casein too such as calcium caseinate, sodium caseinate and micellar casein as well with the last one being the preferred choice.

  17. I’m curious to know if you happen to have caught the new product that Sylvester Stallone is pimping. The claims it makes are absolutely phenomenal if they were even half true. 70% boost in testosterone and you name it. If you get time to Google it it’s called Monster something I can’t remember I just read it the other day and I’m curious

  18. Advice With Beth 3 years ago

    This was very helpful ? but if i am wanting to take a protein to help with my muscle growth do you think muscle and size gainer is a good shake to take?

  19. Sara 3 years ago

    Very helpful, thanks! Can you speak to the “must drink protein within one hour after working out” rule?

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  21. williwash 3 years ago

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  22. Ryan Barnes, RN, BSN 3 years ago

    I’ve always had the mind set that I could get the protein and other nutrients I need through solely the food that I eat. I get that if you’re unable to take in enough food or protein during the day, a good protein supplement makes sense, but otherwise you’re just going flushing your money down the toilet along with the excess protein excreted by your kidneys into your urine. Does anyone else have the same mindset or do you feel that protein is a must for seeing gains?

    I guess another part of my being turned off to protein and other supplements is the increased risk for kidney damage or rhabdomyolysis – I do a lot of training in the heat either on my own or with the Army and we’re told not to take supplements at all leading up to and during training.

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