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April Short Book Reviews

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Healing by Josephine Green

This book is beyond the normal health books you read. It entails subject matters such as meditation, the power of the prayer, fasting and energy healing such as Reiki. I was truly impressed with the content provided in this book.

Every chapter teaches you how to work on healing your body, mind, and soul with various methods that do not require any financial loss. Whether you are struggling at work, in your family or have been enduring significant hardship, this book can help you work on yourself. It is a true self-help book that everyone needs to read at least once in their life.

The literary standard was in good standing, and the layout of the work had an easy flow, making it easy to understand. The book is great for anybody to have.

Mediumship by Tabitha Zalot

This book is about people that have the ability to act as a medium between the life and dead. Having Psychic ability or what is now known as Mediumship has been going on for many years. It discusses spiritualists, mental and physical Mediumship, how it works and much more.

I personally have always struggled to understand how a person could have the power of being able to connect or communicate with other world dimension and although, I remained skeptic about the whole ordeal, I found the book to be fun and enjoyable to read. Whether you wish to believe it or not, the content of this book does provide you with more information on the myths and the supernatural. It gives a more realistic and authentic look on what psychics do and are about.

I recommend this book to anyone that is looking for a better understanding of the topic.

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Remember the Good Times

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God’s Blessings Delivered via Trouble




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