Become a Better Blogger Today with These 4 Actions

First, it’s important to understand what it takes to be a top-notch blogger. Here are four ways to do it:

1. Commit to creating quality content.

Bloggers who spend more time writing content are more likely to value quality content, as opposed to how much content they produce. They’re also entitled to positioning themselves as an expert voice which can increase the chances of their content getting shared. Don’t believe us…? Take a look at how many times our content has been shared.

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2. Spend more time in the research and editing processes.

Investing time in researching a piece can make a huge difference in the quality of a blog post. The more statistics and facts you can include in your blog posts, the more value you’ll add to their writing. We also suggest that writers should also focus more on the editing process.

3. Maintain an ongoing list of content ideas.

One of the biggest challenges for bloggers is generating new ideas that are timely and relevant for their audience. A great way to keep ideas fresh is to look for ideas everywhere. Research different news outlets and blogs, pay attention to online conversations, and take lessons from real-life experiences to generate fresh content ideas. As the author of The Millionaire’s Digest, I grant all my Readers permission to write their blog posts off mine just as long as they ask first!

4. Use an editorial calendar.

There are a variety of tools you can use to create your editorial calendars. For example, Google Drive and CoSchedule are excellent platforms for streamlining content creation and making sure content gets published and promoted at the right time. Using an editorial calendar can improve your consistency and also create better content for your blog!

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    Regarding your first point, I do find myself procrastinating a lot because I want my posts to be as good as they possibly can. Maybe trial and error isn’t such a bad idea if it means you are being persistent and putting an effort in? Either way, thanks for this, it’s always helpful to have advice from someone who actually knows what they’re doing!

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    Thanks for sharing! Couldn’t agree more. 🙂


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