Similie Nature Poetry

Standing on the balcony veranda,

Infatuated by the mesmerizing God given world,

Gazing at the beautiful flora blooming out of the colorful garden,

swaying and dancing like a ballerina to the warm breeze.

Tree branches cuddle fresh fruits like a

caring mother caressing her new born baby.

Green vegetation  inhabits the expanse, welcoming

exotic aroma into the crisp air like a delicious dish arriving at a restaurant.

The wind brushes across the gentle skin of my body like

the stroke and warm touch of a baby’s finger. 

The chirp of birds echo harmonious tunes, vibrating in my eardrums 

like the sound of keys playing a see saw to a lovely melody on the piano.

The sparkling, clear water shines bright like a crystal diamond as the 

waves crawl along the rocks of the beach shore. 

Squirrels and rabbits scurry through the olive lush grass

like little children laughing & playing with each other,

splashing joy across their faces.

The sun plays hide & seek with the misty clouds, painting 

hues of pink and yellow like the colors of blossoming roses.

As the gorgeous sun sets, the illuminated crescent moon peeks out, 

glowing in the reflective waters of the vast ocean.

Serenity,  pleasure, & appreciation: emotions and feelings that 

this world triggers within us.

Inspiring, awe-stricken, compelling: words to describe this

irresistible  world around us called Mother Nature.

By: Maha Ram


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