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Did you recently just subscribe to our magazine…? Well first, I just want to say thank you as all of you are the reason why we put all this work in to do this magazine for!


Now, for those of you who are new and want to know more about our magazine here’s a quick rundown:

✓ First magazine to be written by passionate writers.

✓First magazine that doesn’t require you to have a degree to write for it. (First off, we get a lot of people who, no surprise, are those who are writers and readers of those who “so-call” claim themselves to be professional magazines themselves, who come out here only to make a comparison by telling us that magazines are for those who have a qualified degree and are therefore qualified to be a writer for, not for those who lack the education of being smart enough to be able to writer for one.

So another words, we get put down by a lot of people in this world (specifically those who work in the media publishing industry) only because we don’t fit in and are not privileged enough to be a part of the media publishing industry, but since I’m use to people telling me and making me feel this way, we just let them as the people in this world who rank themselves higher than everyone else, acts.

But truth is, if w crea

we tWith 20+ million magazines in this world and not one of them is unique in a way that gives others a

✓First magazine to be written about the things you have in common with other people


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