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Question: Does Money Buy Happiness…?

Our Take: “Most people will instantly think no but it’s a much harder question than that. We believe it really depends on who you really are. For example, let’s say happiness for you is paying money to not watch someone suffer through hard times. Now you can make a lot of money and hate all the work that’s involved in your job, but you can sure in hell love why you do it! So in this case, we believe it can in a sense of way.”

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  1. Millionaire
    iamEstefania 1 year ago

    My answer was instantly YES. I was surprised the take was actually “Most people will instantly think no”. I think it’s the opposite actually, although we can all agree in the literal sense happiness cannot be bought. But neither can be love, friendship or family but we all think that brings happiness. So, YES 100% money can bring happiness to people, as long as you use it to do things that make you happy. Now, can money ALONE bring happiness? Maybe for a while, but I do believe that deeper connections with other people are a must to live a happy, fulfilled life.

  2. Millionaire
    Pinkspen 1 year ago

    Money makes life easier in the sense that you can go places, travel, spa treatments, etc. to deal with stress, but life is hard and that will not change. You have to find the strength in yourself to discover you true happiness.

  3. Millionaire

    Ish. I’d say money brings you peace of mind in the sense that it allows for an absence of worry/anxiety. No anxiety about paying rent this month etc. If the absence of anxiety is happiness – sure. I guess you’d tap into more philosophical thought here as to what equates to euphoria.

    That said, being able to buy anything you want, an unquenchable thirst of materialism would probably have the opposite effect. I’d take an appreciative attitude and poverty over hard cash any day.

  4. Millionaire

    I say yes and no. Money brings a sense of relief. It gives you a peace of mind when it comes to emergencies/funds needed for things. They say money is in the top 3 reasons for divorce. We need money to survive and live. Thus it is a huge stress factor. I also say no, because if you solely rely on money to bring you happiness, you won’t find it. It’s WHAT you do with your money that brings happiness.

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