1.  Sharebar

Sharebar is an easy-to-install WordPress plugin that syncs with the big social media outlets so that visitors can easily share your content. The Sharebar links your article or site page to the person’s social media and creates a connection between their accounts and your site. That means increased exposure through organic sharing, which is great not just for your traffic but also for your SEO ranking.

You can choose which social media outlets you want to make available that best suit your content and then Sharebar displays those outlets next to your posts. If you don’t have the Sharebar plugin already, don’t delay in installing it.

2. WP to Twitter

Twitter is a great outlet for content going viral. The WP to Twitter plugin is similar to the idea of Sharebar, however this plugin creates an automatic post of your content to your Twitter account. No more copying links and trying to paste them into an effective tweet, the post to Twitter plugin does it automatically for you every time you publish new content.

You create the customizable Tweet template ahead of time and then the plugin will repeat your template for each new post. This plugin also offers a sidebar widget for your site to display all your recent tweets, and will automatically shorten post URLs. Get your content auto-published on Twitter through this handy and easy to install plugin, then watch your traffic grow through tweet shares.

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3. SumoMe Popups and Headers

The SumoMe site offers a plethora of both free and paid plugin options that can really help your site go far. The SumoMe suite of options is extensive. It offers features such as HeatMap, which shows you where the majority of traffic is focused on your site, offering you insights into where people are clicking and exploring the most within your website. Then there are tools such as the Opt-in bar, which pops up with a subscribe message based on criteria you program. SumoMe also offers share tools for social media, Scroll Box for on-site opt-ins and even a content analytics tool.

All of its robust offerings are very well developed, incredibly simple to use and while they work great on WordPress, the SumoMe plugin works on a variety of other platfroms, too. Check out the options at SumoMe and sign up for as much, or as little, as your site needs.

4. All in One SEO Pack

Increasing your SEO will help your site rank better in search engines and a higher ranking means your site show up in more search results, which further helps increase traffic. The easier you are to find, the more traffic will steadily continue come your way.

The All in One SEO Pack is a great WordPress plugin template that automatically adds the important fields and tags you will need on each page and with each content post to help you get the most out of your site. This plugin optimizes your titles for Google and other search engines and generates meta-tags automatically for each post. It also helps by sifting through your content and will avoid duplicate content posts, which can hurt your SEO ranking.

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For a truly automated experience you won’t have to think about, the All in One SEO plugin is the way to go for SEO.

5. Scribe

Content marketing is a great tool in the quest for a higher SEO ranking. That’s where a standalone plugin such as Scribe can come in handy. This plugin helps with the research part of your content strategy. It has search functionality that you can use to write the best content that matches up with terms and trends happening that are right for your site.

By aligning your content with the right search terms across the Internet, the Scribe plugin helps you create not just valuable content but the most relevant content for search ranking. This plugin also features a site connector tool that helps you find bloggers and key influencers with similar topics, titles and sites to yours, so you can potentially share your content or see what’s working well for others to emulate.

It’s a helpful tool to get the most out of creating relevant content that’s also optimized to get you more traffic.

6. Facebook Comments

Posts that have lots of comments are great for your site’s community and also for SEO. Make it easy for people to comment on your posts and content by allowing them to comment via Facebook, with the Facebook Comments plugin. Not only can readers log in to comment on your site through their Facebook accounts, but once they’re logged in, they can easily share and post your content in a seamless experience.

7. Websitez Mobile Optimization

Did you know that, according to CNN, mobile browsing officially surpassed laptop and desktop browsing in 2014? Despite this fact many businesses still don’t have a mobile-optimized version of their site. A site not optimized for mobile will cause users to drop off due to the clunky and sometimes totally unmanageable navigation experience. Don’t get left behind.

With the Websitez Mobile Optimization plugin, you can easily and instantly format a mobile-friendly version of your site, all for just $50. That’s an investment any entrepreneur can afford to make to ensure their site is usable for mobile visitors.

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