Do These First, then the Money Will Follow

1. Create constant content.

One of the first keys to becoming a millionaire blogger is to start a blog. Aside from all of the tips and tricks of different things that will catch a reader’s eye, you need to focus on constantly creating content. There is no better key to success then constantly creating and delivering new content. The more information you offer people, the better.

2. Have genuine expertise.

People will believe what you are saying if you have real, first-hand experience. Utilize your own experiences and insights while blogging. Anyone can read information online and regurgitate it back to the public. A real expert has real experiences to back their story.

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3. Make your information entertaining.

The way that you write your content is really important. If you are starting a blog that is very informational, then it can be easy to write your content in a very dry tone. However, just because your information is serious it doesn’t mean that it needs to be dry. Do your best to put an entertaining twist on your content, even if your subject traditionally isn’t the most entertaining. The more engaging and lighthearted you can be while blogging, the better.

4. Tap the power of testimonials. 

Testimonials are your best friend. Use as many of them as possible. Whenever you have a happy client, use their testimonials to prove your validity.

5. Promote on social networks.

Social network exposure is perhaps the most important accompaniment to any blog. You need to have an Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn account and more and link all of your social media accounts to one another. The bigger your reach can be the faster your track to becoming a millionaire blogger is.

6. Mix it up with videos.

So many bloggers think that writing is the only way that they can communicate with their audience. However, sometimes it’s best to switch things up and keep them interesting. Reach new readers and keep people intrigued with videos, it is an exciting way to deliver your information in a more visually engaging pattern.

7. Invest in high-quality pictures.

Pictures are a really important part of any quality blog. You can use pictures to add interest to an entry so it isn’t all texts and you can use pictures to promote ideas and posts on social media. With this in mind, make sure that you are investing in high-quality photos. This picture investment can really go a long way in making you seem more credible and drawing in new readers.

8. Give people value.

Above all things, your blog posts should be providing people with value. You want to pass value on to your readers. You want them to want to check back with your blog to find out new information. The more interested they are in what you have to say, the better off you will be.

9. Keep things fresh.

It is nice to have some sort of structure to your blog style, but you need to remember to keep things fresh. Don’t be afraid to try new types of posts, new types of images, new content and new formats. If you do everything the same every day, people can start to lose interest. It’s okay to repost things throughout the week, but make sure you try to keep writing new things at the same time as you go along the way.

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10. Offer lots of free value.

You need to have free content with tons of value, plain and simple. Not all of your content needs to be free, but if you want to build up your following and really get the type of attention that millionaire bloggers have, you need to provide people with lots of good quality content for no charge.

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  1. Millionaire
    Dacian 1 year ago

    Great plan! thanks

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    Darie.T 1 year ago

    As a new blogger this is very helpful!Thanks!

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    Dany Slone 1 year ago

    Awesome!!! I’m getting on it like a car bonnet!

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    donnasartofnow 1 year ago

    Made me think. Thanks for sharing.

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    thatwanderlustboho 1 year ago

    So helpful! Thank you 🙌🏼

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  8. Millionaire
    Renard Moreau 1 year ago

    [ Smiles ] I am in full agreement with the idea of constantly creating content; the type that is of value to our readers.

    Great pointers by the way!

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    Quite interesting indeed.

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    RahulYuvi 1 year ago

    perfect advice !

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    Audy Emeralda 1 year ago

    Great advice. I am new to the industry.. will definitely keep this in mind.

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    This is very good information. Thank you for sharing

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