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Ever wanted to write a book but just didn’t know where to begin? If you love writing stories, nonfiction or fiction, there are signs that you could be the next bestselling author if you decide to write a book. The question is always the word “how” because some people can pull it off easily or some take months perhaps years to complete one. Here are five tips on how to write a book if you are up for the big challenge to becoming an author.

Outline. Some people love outlining while others think it’s a waste of precious time. But in reality outlining a book happens to be very useful for most people. There are many ways to outline a book, even if it happened to be one that’s 100,000+ words. One way is to use the flashlight method, a way of outlining what will be coming up for the plot of the book. That method works best for fiction while using outlines like the snowflake method can be useful for any book. It’s really what you want to do for outlining, if you even choose to outline a book.

Read. Sounds simple doesn’t it? Wrong! Well it is simple to get but in reality to write a good book you would have to read tens to hundreds of books to write one that happens to become a bestseller even. All it takes is just putting eyes on the book and maybe even taking notes as you read. In other words just reading many books happens to be a good choice. You would not only become a better writer but also a little smarter as well. That right there is a fact.

Write. Just like reading, writing happens to be very effective as well. Unless you’re writing fiction or any book that needs to have a lot of books read to write something like that, writing can give your mind a stress reliever and is also exercise for the mind too. Journaling also helps as well thanks to freedom and creativity.

Get Inspired. If any of the above methods don’t seem appealing, why not get inspired by others instead? Inspiration is one of the factors of life that drives all of us. It’s how we pass creativity on to others so they can be creative as well. Nobody is the same. All of us are unique in so many different ways. Even just talking about the book you want to write helps as well.

Keep Going. The hardest out of all the methods, to keep going takes a lot of effort and determination to get something like a book done. To keep going also takes routine (i.e. journaling every day). If you don’t keep going with writing the book you want to write, chances are that the book will never get done and no one will be able to see it.

The best way to writing a book happens to be a way that hasn’t been determined. There ISN’T a single way but many different ways to write a book. Those five tips described above are only a small chunk of the writing world. Now that you have these tips, the only question you need to answer now is this: Are you ready to take on the grand task?


Article Credits: Kalin W.

Millionaire’s Digest Staff Team, Author

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  1. tlhargett 4 years ago

    Great post!

    • Author
      kds407 4 years ago

      Thanks! Means a lot to get complimented on a post I’ve written!

  2. Lish Wells 4 years ago

    I loved this!

  3. Loren Killdeer 4 years ago

    As always: Easy to say than to do, but it’s needed to add that is funnier to do than to dream about it.
    Inspiration is the one that hits me hard, but I’m really strong on the Keep Going thing. I’d write when I’m not as inspired (it doesn’t mean that I write poorly, it does means that I write slower because I doubt more), but because I like to keep on going.
    Because I know that when inspirations comes, I’ll know ow to fix it. Most of the time, is needed to have a little trust on ourselves.

  4. Dr Manoj Kumar Bhambu 4 years ago

    Right…………..but not easy. It took me several year to write my first book “You Deserve to Conquer the World”. But the feeling of being a writer in itself is great motivator.

  5. Rhian Steph 4 years ago

    Very useful read! Thank you for the inspiration.

  6. chewsybydesign 4 years ago

    Outline! This makes so much sense… Will help me organize my thoughts. WOW Thank you so much for sharing!!

  7. readwithg 3 years ago

    Definitely needed to read this today. Great article.

    • Author
      kds407 3 years ago

      Thanks for the comment! If you want more, check out my blog and if you really like it, follow me while you can! Lots of stuff coming up on my blog!

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  9. thesentientscribe 3 years ago

    Thanks for the tips.

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  13. Idle Muser 3 years ago

    Outlining and reading are the best methods to kick-start one’s writing.

  14. Billdesign1690 3 years ago

    Reading first!

  15. marieryan 3 years ago

    Thanks for well written article.
    I just imagined all aspiring writers would be avid readers… but maybe not, as you suggest. Great advice is to write the story you would like to read.
    Regards, Marie

  16. Prasenjeet Gautam 3 years ago

    Good to share, I have to write a book on my photography and this sill really help me. also suggest some more tips to write good book.

  17. jennawang2002 3 years ago

    All this advice is so helpful!! Especially since I’m a teen novelist who’s not out there in the real world quite yet.

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  20. Miss Dino 3 years ago

    This post is great. I have to say, part of it were easier said than done, but the Keep Going part really inspired me!

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  23. Gangstars 3 years ago

    A very encouraging read. Time is a challenge all by itself though. We hope to figure that out.?

  24. stylenjamie 3 years ago

    Thank u

  25. salonihenecha 3 years ago

    Though there are five points but they cover almost every doubt ,difficulty comes in the way of writing .Perfect one .

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  27. Roy Evans 3 years ago

    This is awesome.I loved it!

  28. Ich.bin.Dacian 3 years ago

    Awesome post! Last night I had an idea for a nice book I think, and it’s amazing to find this article this morning. Wish me luck

  29. jewelbarkman 3 years ago

    This is a great post! You hit the most important aspects of writing a book and explained them in a clear, simple way. Thanks!

  30. Convivial Supper 3 years ago

    keep going – this is the hardest one! I know I struggle with great ideas in mid-execution! Thanks!

  31. Success Strategies 3 years ago

    The ability to Keep going works wonders

  32. Shaun Derenzo 3 years ago

    Great article! I found these tips very helpful (:

  33. Thomas Edmund 3 years ago

    “If you love writing stories, nonfiction or fiction, there are signs that you could be the next bestselling author if you decide to write a book.”

    But wait – what signs ‘TELL ME MORE’

  34. Complicated Chris 3 years ago

    I am new to this community but i really enjoyed this article.

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    wow,this is quite beautiful.

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    I hope I write a book soon! ?

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    That was a helpful blog. Thanks a lot.

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