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These are some simple ways to get the most out of WordPress’s built-in features.

1.  Underscores vs. Underlines

When you are naming files, some people tend to use underscores instead of dashes. Something like this:

Wrong Way

Example: http://www.domain.com/sub_folder/file_name.htm

Good Way

Example: http://www.domain.com/sub-folder/file-name.htm

Your media files would be an example of this as well. In any case, it’s best to keep it to dashes. Why? Because Google looks at underscores as joiners. That means it looks at it as one word. And that sucks for the Google search engines.

2.  Double space

You are typing along in your editor in WordPress, and you do a return. Damn, just this one time you want no space between the lines.

Screenshot (8).jpg

There is a simple solution: Click on the HTML tab, now delete the space.

Screenshot (9).jpg

3.  Who Gives a Damn About You?

This isn’t so much a functionality of WordPress, but an important tip. I have had people who either choose not to create an about page or if they do, decide to hide it in the navigation. Make sure it’s prominent! These days visitors to your site want to know who is behind the blog or business. In fact, I know many sites where the About page is the second most frequently visited page.

4. Don’t Muck Up Image Names and Alt Text

If you want your images to play a role in your SEO, make sure you do it right. This is not an in-depth explanation, but rather something to make you aware.

  1. It’s best to name your image file something relevant before uploading it to your media library. As you can see here, the original File name is: money-1428590_960_70.jpg. Not much good there unless someone is searching for that (and that is highly unlikely).
  2. You can add a caption, which is important, but it won’t change the file name.
  3. Do include an Alt Text no matter what. Google frowns on empty Alt Text.

Beyond that, what you decide to put in there will depend on several variables. So you might want to do a little research.

Screenshot (10).jpg

5.  How Long Should My Posts Be?

We all struggle to find that perfect blog post length. It can be argued till the end of the world. In reality, there is not perfect length. Here are two things to know.

  1. Up to a limit, longer articles have better chances with Google. But they should still focus on style, structure and quality content.

2. Google does not like posts or pages that are less than 300 words.

So that’s it: 5 random tips. Of course there are a ton more, and we’ll share more soon.

Article Credits: Prince Kelvin

Millionaire’s Digest Team, Contributor

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    Hi thats a very helpful post. But I have a question, what do you put in an alt text? Thanks!

  6. alex mundt 4 years ago

    I like tip 5! Very helpful. I’ve read other blog tip articles which many say longer blogs are better. I hate long blogs. But they never said why. Now I know it’s all for Google. Thanks.

  7. Learned a lot

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    Interesting tips. Especially he one about deleting the extra space! Thank you for the post ^_^

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  15. Idle Muser 4 years ago

    The best is the third tip.
    I have come across many such blogs which are deprived of an informative About page. When any new blogger or non-blogger visits your blog or site, the very first thing they want to know is the face or personality behind them.
    So please don’t forget to create an About page. I tell you it holds a lot more power than you think it does.

    Thanks for the tips. 🙂

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    Thanks for the tips. It helped me to remove the extra lines by going to html Tab.

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