5 Reasons to Do Yoga

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You have your Kundalini, Ashtanga or even my personal favourite, Bikram or Hot Yoga. There are hundreds of different types of yoga out there, all of them are designed to do everything from aligning your chakras, to creating a more relaxed and chilled out person in all of us.

Here are five fabulous reasons to do yoga

1. It helps to keep you limber in the gym.

If you’re a gym bunny you may find that overtraining can cause your muscles to become tired and extremely stiff when performing repetitive moves all the time. If you sprinkle in a yoga session once or twice a week, it helps to loosen up your joints allowing them to become more flexible again.

2. Your hair and skin will benefit from regular practice.

When I first started doing Bikram (Hot) Yoga, I thought that my hair would suffer from the constant sweating. Far from it!

Yoga has made my hair grow and my skin glow!

Remember to slip on a scarf before each session. It will stop your hair from getting too sweaty and in the way when you’re trying to do a posture.

3. Regular practice will enhance your bedtime sleep.

According to Dr Michael J. Breus, PHD, a Clinical Psychologist and writer of Psychology Today, regular yoga practice can help with insomnia.

He quotes, “Studies indicate yoga can help improve sleep among people with chronic insomnia.”

So if you can’t sleep, try learning the child’s pose in yoga or other relaxing moves and you’ll soon be sleeping like a baby.

4. It can lift your mood and help alleviate symptoms of depression.

I know that when I’m feeling tense and a bit down, I benefit immensely from a session of yoga. Within a few minutes of practising, I can feel my mood lifting and an instant feeling of euphoria.

This is because yoga can increase your serotonin levels, the stuff that affects your mood and brain function.  I know it certainly fires up my serotonin and brings back the good vibes in my life! Check out the website healthline.com for the ‘science bit’ on how Yoga can help to combat depression.

5. Yoga can tone and strengthen muscles in a similar way to weight training with less impact on your joints.

The Triangle Pose and Plank Pose are two of my favourite postures for toning your abs and strengthening your core.

With regular practice of yoga, I’ve seen my body tone up in a gentler way than, pumping iron all the time. Many types of yoga postures are designed to tone and shape up your body, depending on which one you choose to do.

When you do hot yoga you’ll find your limbs will become supple and your joints are much more likely to stretch naturally.

So now you know, find a cosy space or studio and do some yoga now!

Article Credits: Steph Sybliss

Millionaire’s Digest Team, Contributor

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  1. Stephanie Sybliss
    myspiritualvibes 1 year ago

    Completely agree! Yoga every damn day I say 🙂

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  3. Stephanie Sybliss
    Courtney Livingston 1 year ago

    I never knew Yoga would benefit my skin and hair! I need to be doing this more!

  4. Stephanie Sybliss

    I’m quite new to a consistent yoga practice, I’m really looking forward to these benefits!

  5. Stephanie Sybliss

    Love this as motivation! Really want to try Kundalini yoga, anyone ever had any experience with it? Any advice?

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  7. […] via 5 Reasons to do Yoga (2 min read) — Millionaire’s Digest […]

  8. Stephanie Sybliss
    Happy Healing 1 year ago

    Love this! I love yoga and did it about 3x a week until I broke my foot 🙁 I hope to heal quickly to start practicing again!

  9. Stephanie Sybliss
    disletti 1 year ago

    Fantastic ideas. I love to do yoga, even though I can only do a limited amount due to chronic back pain. I do notice the pain lessening as I continue stretching and doing the yoga. Wonderful article, thank you 😊

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