The Time, the Fear and the Life

Written by Millionaire’s Digest Team Member: Sandra Faria

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In old civilizations, time was measured by the stars and the moon. It was the system that they used to know the best time to hunt and to seed.

Measuring time was necessary not only to obtain food but also for religious purposes.

In our days, measuring time schedules all our life and routine.The truth is that we have a routine to maintain and it is hard to get out but there are hours that we can be like free birds and do whatever we feel like doing.

Most of the population persists in their routine, suffering in silence and doing as their life is a daily copy paste.

We can see people with an empty eye consumed by formulaic and without any taste at all, as before they were people that loved and have pleasure on what they did but monotony and fear turned them apart.

Fear has been a part of all of us since we were in our mother´s uterus. Whenever they felt fear we would feel it too, even being unconscious we experimented fear and for us was nothing more than the fear of the unknown.

As we grow up, our fears became different, some accumulated, other change with time, others challenged and erase through our experiences.

Article Credits: Sandra Faria

Millionaire’s Digest Team, Contributor

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