Bombay Styled Vegetable Sandwich

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Summer is synonymous to fresh vegetables, outdoor parties and picnics. 🙂 I am sharing a very easy to make sandwich that screams summer in every bite. It is truly said that foods has memories attached with it, I fondly remember my childhood days when we use to have it. It use to be a family affair to assemble it, everyone had their part to play.

Preparation for layering ultimate Bombay vegetable sandwich, with cut vegetables, green sandwich chutney, butter, chaat masala, sev, cheeses and bread slice.

My mom she use to make batch of fresh Green Sandwich Chutney (we usually have it in our fridge), boil some potatoes and cut vegetables. I would help in to grate cheese, and spread butter on the bread. My daddy in his unique way would pile up all the vegetables and assemble the sandwich.

All vegetable layered on bread slice.

This beauties are perfect to bring along at picnics. I avoid using tomatoes though. As it leaves it soggy if kept for Long time. It is easy, flavourful, stomach feeling and on the go snack. It is a good option for lunch box as well.

For this sandwich we will apply butter and green chutney on bread. Do not avoid butter, it will truly bring out the Flavours of green chutney. Then layer all vegetable seasoned with Chaat Masala.

Cut vegetables seasoned with Chaat Masala.

I have used boiled potatoes, onions, tomatoes, cucumber, carrots and green bell pepper. We can even use beet root to add more colour to sandwich as well as nutrition. But personally I am not a beet root fan. Finally sprinkle some grated cheese on top and seal the sandwich with green chutney and butter topped bread. Cut it into two or four pieces. Drizzle some tomato ketchup, and sprinkle with some “Sev”/”Gujiya” which is readily available at an Indian store.

In a typical roadside sandwich stall in Bombay, It would be served in four different variations.
1) Vegetable sandwich (Raw sandwich without cheese)
2) Cheese vegetable sandwich (What I have made)
3) Vegetable toast (Sandwich without cheese, toasted in sandwich maker)
4) Cheese Vegetable toast ( Sandwich toasted in sandwich maker)
So you can Choose your variation.

Do make sure that when you eat it, you dig in completely and reach every layer in a bite. You would have a blast of taste in your mouth as it has crunchy, cheesy,sweet, tangy, spicy, creamy all Flavours in one go.

My last word would be if you are Indian street food fan you must try this. Trust me you won’t regret, it will leave you craving for more. Enjoy this flavour blasting sandwich these summer.

Ingredients (makes 2)

4 Table spoon, Butter
4 Table spoon, Green Sandwich Chutney
Chaat masala, for seasoning
1 Large Boiled potatoes, thin slices
8 Thin slice, Cucumber
8 Thin slice, carrots
8 Thin slice, tomatoes
8 Thin slice, green bell pepper
8 Thin slice, onions
2 Table spoon, grated Cheese
4 Bread slice
“To Serve”
Tomato ketchup


1) Cut sides of bread spread liberal amount of butter followed by Green Sandwich Chutney on all bread slice.
2) Season vegetable with chaat masala. If you do not have it we can use Sandwich Masala.

Cut vegetables seasoned with Chaat Masala.

3) Layer all vegetables.

All vegetable layered on bread slice.
4) Top it up with cheese.

Sandwich topped with cheese.
5) Seal with slice of bread, topped with butter and Green Sandwich Chutney.

Vegetables sprinkled with cheese ,sealed with another bread slice topped with butter and green sandwich chutney.
6) Cut into half, garnish with tomato ketchup and sev.

Ultimate Bombay Vegetable Sandwich , Topped with tomato ketchup and sev/gujiya/muruku. Ready to be relished.

Relish this Summery delight.

Article Credits: Rhythm Sampat

Millionaire’s Digest Team, Contributor

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  1. Rhythm Sampat
    SammyandSufi 2 years ago

    This recipe comes across as a fresh breath of air! Can’t wait to try it. Danke!

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  3. Rhythm Sampat
    yummycookbookblog 1 year ago

    Wow tempting sandwiches..

  4. Rhythm Sampat
    theminikis 1 year ago

    Mouth watering 😍😍😍😊😊

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  7. Rhythm Sampat
    SisirGhosh 1 year ago


  8. Rhythm Sampat
    -Eugenia 1 year ago

    Great looking sandwich. Thank you for sharing the recipe.

  9. Rhythm Sampat
    nageshkvadhera 1 year ago


  10. Rhythm Sampat
    nageshkvadhera 1 year ago


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