Some Young Women Lack…

Written By Millionaire’s Digest Staff Member: Kenyona Copeland

Founder & Owner of: Christian Tea Talk & Podcast Blog

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I used to be the girl who was slow to lose her virginity. I was in no rush

to explore a world of unfamiliarity. So I took my time in discovering who
I am, because no one could ever define my greatness.

That’s when I noticed that some young women lacked …. Courage.
Some even lost their …boldness.
Many were scared from trying to be like other girls, losing their … Originality.

So if you want to keep lacking, just stop doing everything to be you!

Some of you even lost your growth, that’s how you lost ….wisdom.

Article Credits: Kenyona Copeland

Millionaire’s Digest Team, Contributor

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  1. Kenyona Copeland
    milliemondays 2 years ago

    Hi there, this is really lovely. Obviously a lot is going on at the moment about the power of women and I have just written a post about it. Really lovely to hear your words 🙂

  2. Kenyona Copeland
    shamimsobhani 2 years ago

    The word ¨dignity¨popped up in my mind when I read your article. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Kenyona Copeland
    begreatwithin 2 years ago

    totally correct. once we have the right mindset, anything is possible and our dreams can come true.

  4. Kenyona Copeland
    kritika029 2 years ago

    Very Motivating! ✌

  5. Kenyona Copeland
    stylenjamie 1 year ago


  6. […] via Some Young Women Lack… (1 min read) — Millionaire’s Digest […]

  7. Kenyona Copeland
    khalayililian 1 year ago

    Nice piece,I can sure identify with this.Sometimes I lack the confidence to stand and defend who I am, and I end up becoming vulnerable to all happening around me

  8. Kenyona Copeland
    Transit Address 1 year ago

    Very thoughtful
    Thanks for the words

  9. Kenyona Copeland
    Tooting Hustle 1 year ago

    Have you read it yourself? and if so, what were your thoughts on it?

    If you have time, check out my latest blog post at and let me know what you think!

    Happy blogging x

  10. Kenyona Copeland
    Prasenjeet Gautam 1 year ago

    great .

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