What’s Your Blog’s Mission Statement?

What’s Your Blog’s Mission Statement?

Written by Millionaire’s Digest Staff Member: Precious Kc George

Founder & Owner of: Think Digest

Millionaire’s Digest Staff Team, Author, Successful Living Writer

Every business and organization, has a mission statement. It helps their customers know what they’re in for and helps the organization structure the right things that suits their customers in a way that goes in line with their mission statement no matter what.

As a blogger, your goal at the moment could be to build a community or get more views and the likes. Another may be to create valuable contents. No matter what it may be, your goal should follow your mission statement. Just like an organisation need a mission statement to stay focused, your blog sure does need one as well. It serves as a guide when asked what your blog is all about.

Here are 5 reasons why you need a mission statement

1. It gives you a road map for where you’re going.

What happens when you go on a road trip without a map? You get lost right? It’s same with blogging.

2. It keeps you motivated.

To be honest, it’s not always easy coming up with great content ideas. But with a mission statement in mind, when you re-read it, few ideas comes in which keeps you going.

3. It provides your blog with a structure.

Who doesn’t like something that’s well structured? When your blog is structured, readers get to connect with you on a personal level.

4. Keeps you focused.

“if you don’t stand for anything, you’ll fall for something”

Focus. Focus. Focus. We’re humans. Distraction sure will come. But with a mission statement in mind, we tend to stay true to it.

5. It drives every decision in like a hammer on a nail.

With a knowledge of who your readers are, you decide on contents that suite them.


How then do I write one?

1. Answer these questions.
• Why do I blog?
• What questions am I answering.
• Which people do I want, to read my blog.
• What kind of things do I enjoy writing
• What am I passionate about?
• What kind of things will I write on/ do?
If answered truthfully, you should be able to put them in these four parts of your mission statement.
Why, who, what and how?
Here are mine

1. Why: I write because I feel compelled to write.
ii. Who: My blog is for people who want to live a mindful life by thinking positively and differently.
iii. What: I want to offer from my experience, faith and books more examples to show that these things have a place in everyday life.
iv. How: Continuously expose myself to new ideas from my reading, conversations with people and experience so i can share and interpret them.

2. Keel it short, simple and direct
One to three sentences are enough to do the trick. Your mission statement isn’t a comprehensive plan, social media strategy or marketing plan but a sweet and simple statement. It should be specific and easily remembered.
Here’s mine

” the mission of my blog is to empower, thoughtfully provoke and inspire people by spreading knowledge of self development and life changing stories that leads to feelings of belonging and hope in both myself and my readers”

3. Think big

Don’t forget to think big. Because your blogs small, doesn’t mean it won’t grow. Think beyond the now. Think positively and differently. Your mission statement should serve as a ladder that helps you upward to the stars.

So, what’s your blog’s mission statement? Why does it exist. Share with us.

Article Credit: Precious Kc George

Millionaire’s Digest Staff Team, Author

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77 thoughts on “What’s Your Blog’s Mission Statement?”

  1. Fairly new to blogging but I think my ‘mission statement’ is for everyone to be happy and comfortable being themselves, mixed in with motivation, determination, personal posts etc.
    Just wanting to make someone smile really, think about important issues, help people out or for them to take a few minutes out of there day and not have to worry about their problems. I’d like to think that’s the aim for my blog ?? – we shall see as time goes on.

  2. Well, its not my blog, that I can make a mission statement, It was God’s mission for me that I evangelize people, that I show them the light of Jesus Christ, by being the light, It was God’s call that we are all saved by His son, so I believe, God’s mission through me will be complete when He will establish His Kingdom in in the hearts and minds of all those who are living on earth. Believer or Unbeliever. Sinner and Sinless. Christian and Non Christian. Amen Hallelujah Glory to God the Father, and to the Son Jesus and to the Holy Spirit. Amen God Bless you all. Hallelujah .

    1. Wow I like your excellent point of view to this. Just like putting in short that God’s missions is the reason for your blog.

      That’s quite lovely, I can see the great impact it’s giving too.
      Best wishes,

    1. Well I can say yes!! You’re living up to that.

      Just few minutes into reading your previous posting on finding the type of poet I am and guess what I realized I’m a designer ? I bend the rules like a lot.

      Thanks for your comment.
      Best wishes,

  3. This is a great question! Mine is evolving as I’m pretty new at blogging–never thought of until you pointed this out. Of course, I need a mission statement. Everyone has one. Why not a blog? Perhaps it’s to explore life lessons that encourage leadership for our future kidos through the mothership role. What do you think? I think I’ll keep working on it. Thank you for this awesome tip!

    1. Thanks for your insightful comment.

      Glad to know it really did hit home for you.
      Will be expecting to see yours when you’re done in time to come.?

      Much love,

  4. My mission statement is to inspire those who relate with positive thinking and even those who does not relate the reason to keep them motivated until they follow by positive thinking,Only by using positive words including my experience.

  5. This is true and something to think about. My mission for my blog, is to bring daily creative experiences, knowledge, enjoyment and gain readers and followers. With everyday, it brings another opportunity at whatever is the goal or desire, that an individual can aim for! Thanks for the advice!

    1. You’re most welcome.

      Wow what a clear, concise and direct mission you’ve got there. Just by a look at that, it’s clear to know your main focus. Nice

      Thanks for sharing.

      Much love

      Be Gold

  6. This really is what I needed after being in a bit of a blogging rut for a few days, I’ll be saving this for future reference.

    Mine so far (paraphrased) “To reach out to the other 1 in 4 who suffer from mental illness, and, by sharing my experiences, to help others to do away with the shame that often stops us from sharing our stories. More than anything, for those who believe it cannot possibly get better to choose life.”

    Perhaps a bit cheesy and I might change the goal of my blog, but I’ve only just started, which is why posts like these are helpful!

    Thanks for this! X

    1. Hello Miranda,

      Sorry for the late reply.

      Your blog mission is quite amazing I must say. It’s just like giving voice to the voiceless. What better way to help out than share an experience they can freaking relate to. You could even add a “share your story form” page too.

      It’s a normal thing to change goals as we grow and develop. Over time, I’ve adjusted few goals of mine too.

      Happy to know the post was timely. ?

      You rock!


  7. Great post! To simply put mine;
    That everything I post will influence, inspire, aid, encourage, love & delight a soul. Because this world is full of negativity & depravity that love is needed more than ever!

    Good luck to all the bloggers and keep it up!
    -Briane R

  8. Great post. It’s encouraged me to reflect on why I have a blog. Here’s my mission statement:

    “Ebullient lefty pitcher. On a voracious quest to grow and engage life fully. Without attachment, illusion, and ego.

    I’m on a spiritual journey, a journey called ‘life’, and right now that journey involves becoming the best pitcher I can be. World Series Dreams. I hope I inspire others who want to live out their dreams. All our dreams can become reality. All it takes is persistence, enthusiasm, and execution. LIVE YOUR DREAMS!”

    Thanks for helping me improve it!

    1. This nice Luke.

      But I noticed you kinda intertwined your personal mission together with your blog mission. Hmm…. That’s still nice. Since they are pointing toward something similar, “living the dream”

      Thanks for sharing this Luke.

      Much love,

      1. Thanks for your reply and those observations! What do you think the drawbacks are to having a person mission being very similar/the same as their blog’a mission?

        1. Hey Luke,

          Sorry for the late reply.

          I doubt there’s a drawback at all, when someone’s blog mission is similar to his/her life mission.

          The awesome thing about it is that you run your blog in a beautiful and clearly focused way with a motive and goal to achieve.

          Imagine your dream is to travel around the world and you’ve got a personal aeroplane too; you realize you’ll take care of the plane as though your life depends on it to push it forward just like killing two birds with one freaking stone! You get the drill?

          So, buckle up and push for the stars Luke. Soon the big dream will become reality.

          Hope this helps.

  9. Wow as a blogger myself I actually never thought about this.
    I guess my blog’s mission statement is to use my words to speak to a nation that encounters daily challenges. To let these individuals know that they are not alone, that I too can relate to their pain and that should give them a reason to hold on and find some sort of solution. Perhaps to leave a message for the next generation to finish off whatever we tried to start, win the battles which we might lose. I suppose my blog’s mission is to allow readers to come together and have each one of them use their strongest point to create mutual change for a better world.

  10. great post, as always, precious. 😉 a mission statement should be thought deeply and those questions helps a lot in defining the one that will lead you to success. keep that magic rolling, my friend! <3

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