Top 10 Online Money Making Sites

Top 10 Online Money Making Sites

Written By Millionaire’s Digest Team Member: Prince Kelvin

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The goal of these websites has been nothing less than to change the world itself and their strategy involves attuning themselves to people’s needs and desires in order to find and fill a permanent niche.

Here is an interesting list of the top money making websites.

Site 1:

Elance is the Internet’s biggest marketplace for legitimate freelance work. And, it’s my personal favorite of all the websites in this list. It provides a simple interface that allows you to search for jobs in any kind of niche. From Writing and Translation, to Web Design and Programming.

Basically, people post jobs they want doing on the website, and you submit a proposal for it. It’s that simple. Regardless of how much money you want to make, the possibilities are endless: there are freelancers on subscribed making $1,000 to $100,000 a year.

Site 2:

This is wonderful and quite popular humour site that attracts millions of visitors each month with the wit and humour it offers to its readers. It publishes videos, lists, photos etc. which go viral on all social media networks every day.If you have knack of expressing your humourous side in words, Cracked will be happy to pay you for the same. Write a humourous article and let the readers have the fun. This is the mantra to earn well from

They also organize weekly contests and you can earn money through that as well. You can add funny videos and earn money.The only thing you need to earn money from this site is that your content should be of top quality. It only published the best pieces. You get paid only when the editors of the site approve and publish it.

Site 3:

Fiverr is a long established freelance site where everything costs a $5 minimum. It’s a simple and easy to use website, where you post the services you can provide: and if someone needs them, they’ll pay you to work.

It takes the traditional Freelance way of working and turns it on it’s head. It also ensures you get paid before you complete any work so that you never find yourself ripped off.

There is also scope to earn more than your $5 per job, with different levels for different services, such as: early delivery dates, extra work or ‘bolt-on’s for your services.

Site 4:

Upwork is somewhat of a sister company to eLance, that helps freelancers find work in a wide range of areas. Out of the two sites, it’s down to your personal preference: but the upworks’s design and Payment tracker app set it apart from the competition.

This is a great website to get started on as a beginner as the average prices for jobs is lower, and it’s much easier to establish yourself as an up and coming freelancer.

Site 5:

Craigslist isn’t a site you’d think synonymous with Freelance Work – but it’s actually a hub of jobs and work to apply for.

It’s a simple and easy to way to start to build a portfolio and make some money in the process. The normal client can vary between local businesses, college students and someone looking to get work done as quickly as possible. Air on the side of caution though, as sometimes you can find yourself chasing money for work you’ve done.

Site 6:

Freelancer is a ‘gameified’ version of the sites eLance and upwork mentioned earlier. You have the ability to ‘level up’ by earning experience points from the projects you complete and the milestones you hit. There are no shortage of jobs on these sites and everything is channeled depending on your skills and abilities.

Freelancer doesn’t have a free option that is as flexible as it’s competitors, and you find yourself paying to take tests and complete certain tasks.

This plays into the hands of people posting projects, as it shows you’re committed and established, but it doesn’t really help you if you’re just getting started.

Site 7:

About  one of the most popular sites with multi-niche articles. It offers useful content for the users. All the content posted on this site is written by freelance writers. They are termed as ‘guides’ on

These are the experts in dedicated fields. The site pays its guides for writing content. You need to be an expert in the field if you want to become a guide. However, you ought to go through a selection process in order to become a guide on

Site 8:

Clixsense is a renowned Paid to Click (PTC) website and you can earn money from this site in two different ways: by clicking and viewing ads and by referring people on this site.

You can up to $0.02 for clicking and viewing the ads the ad should be views for at least 30 seconds. If you are a premium user, you can earn from referrals. If the member you have referred earns $1, you get commission worth $0.50.

The site is trustworthy as far as payments are concerned. However, in order to earn decent income from this site or any other such types of websites you need to put in dedicated effort.

Site 9:

Knowledgenuts site brings interesting and unique facts for users. It is a newly started website launched by the owner of Listverse. Similar to Listverse, it has ‘write and get paid’ options as well. For each article that you write, you get $10 if it gets published.

The articles should be impressive and unique. I would suggest you to read some already posted write ups as this will give you a fair idea of what they may be expecting. Make sure you go through their regulations and rules before you submit with them.

Site 10:

As the site name suggests, Listverse posts content with listings. The site brings ‘Top 10’ lists on various niches daily. The site has different categories, bizarre, entertainment, science, lifestyle, society and many more.

This website has a unique ‘write and get paid’ feature which allows you to submit the list of top 10 unusual list which can be great information to millions of readers. If you have a caliber to write well and can create your own lists, this is an amazing platform to $100 for a list. Yes, it pays $100 for lists and $40 for picture lists to its writers. However, you must follow certain rules to get published. The payment is made using your Paypal account. Get paid for your great writing skills by submitting a list at Listverse.

Article Credits: Prince Kelvin

Millionaire’s Digest Team, Contributor

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  1. I tried many methods but I succeeded with Clixsense and Upwork(formerly Odesk) when I started making money online. You should also try PostLoop – They pay you to comment on a huge a huge list of forums, but they need to check the quality of your posts by giving you a test. There is also another site that always provides tried and tested methods that are currently working. They always update the site to reflect what is currently working. This is the site:

    1. Hey Anna, this is K&L and I have a question about your posts/website. When I clicked to visit your website, a security alert went off on my laptop telling me that your website is unsecure and putting my laptop & information at risk. I just want to know what’s going on because I don’t post anything that puts my Readers and other WordPress Users at risk, especially if it has to do with someone trying to hack into our systems.

      And I apologize for posting this here Prince Kevin. I’m just kind’ve upset/inferiorated right now.

      1. I actually went and checked both sites. For some reason is going to porn. I don’t know why. I’m in the process of moving the site, perhaps that’s why. In any case, I think they’re just fine, at least on my end.

  2. Thanks for the suggestions! I’ve heard of some, but not all of the sites. I’ve worked 9-5’s for many years, but the writer in me is screaming to come out and play. This is why I decided to blog.

  3. Thank you for this post, you just helped so many people to save their money! I just opened my blog about how to live on budget and how to manage money so you are more than welcome it to visit it if you are interested, I’ll be posting regularly xxx

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