Searching for Happiness? Know Your Heart.

Searching for Happiness? Know Your Heart.

“Devote yourself to what gives you meaning.”- Morrie Swartz

I have a question for you today. Do you love what you do now?

If your answer is Yes, that is great! I am happy for you!

But if your answer is NO, then why do you do it? For whatever reasons you may have, I want you to consider deeply if it is worth sacrificing your chance to live a happier life.

I believe that God has bestowed upon each one of us talents and abilities. It is our duty to unlock, develop and utilize them. If we love something and we have the talent and the ability to do it, then we owe it to ourselves to pursue it. If we are scared to move out of our comfort zones, then we are compromising our chance to truly live a joyful life.

We only have one life. I think that the best way to live it is by doing the things that give us fulfillment, purpose, and satisfaction.

I like how Barbara Sheer put it: “Happy people have two things in common. They know exactly what they want and they feel they’re moving toward getting it. That’s what makes life feel good: when it has direction, when you are heading straight for what you love.”

In decision-making, it is not always wise to think logically. Sometimes, in order to live a happier life, we must learn to listen to what our hearts say. Remember: Where your heart is, that’s where your treasure would be!  If you don’t trust me, I’m sure the internet could provide you a list of inspiring people who followed their passions and found amazing success!:)

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73 thoughts on “Searching for Happiness? Know Your Heart.”

  1. I love blogging but looking have doubts about converting it to a website since I don’t come from a background in IT or something. Any suggestions? Is it that hard to maintain a website?

    1. I would suggest that they pause a while and contemplate on themselves. They must at least try to figure out what it is really that gives them real satisfaction or happiness. And then try to at least set a time to do that…at least they can start with something like that…

  2. do you know right now I have given up my job because it makes me unhappy. I wouldn’t suggest anyone to do it but i have come to understand life is short and you must do what you love. so I am, thank you for the post.

    1. I commend you for your courage in doing that. I know that it’s not easy and there are probably mixed emotions and even doubts if you’ve made the right decision or not…but one thing is for sure, you have put a stop to one thing that is making you unhappy, and I think that that is something good.
      I wish you good luck and I pray that you find your happiness. 🙂

  3. I’m sure I’ve read this article before and i think i also commented on it, but i just stumbled across it again on my news feed and read it’s just so good! Very inspirational

  4. I loved reading this. I totally agree with not thinking logically when it comes to doing what you love or what makes you happy. People who think logically, end up settling for what they believe is “safe”. I have noticed that the most successful people that made a huge impact on the world, were people who were out of touch with reality…they were absorbed into what it was they loved, that the picture they created in their minds was more real then what they were facing and as a result, there were able to obtain it. Thank you for this. Peace and love to you.

  5. Well said! Life it too short to spend each day without regard to what makes you happy. I understand what it is to provide for your family, but one should certainly make steps towards their dreams each day.

    1. Nice point, Heather! I could not agree more with you. It’s just sad how we allow ourselves to get too busy with stuffs (some of which aren’t even important to us), yet we often have no time to do the things that makes us happy… Like you said, life is too short, so we should make time to be happy! 🙂 Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

  6. loved reading your post ……its inspiring…..i am new to blogging just like new born of 2 day …..and i am already falling for it ….by reading posts like your and others….and also inspired to write my own…..but beautifully expressed….!!!!!

    1. Thank you for taking the time to read my post and for your kind comment! Welcome to the blogging community! I wish you well on your blog! ?

  7. Hello Nina. Quite a resounding message, expressed in such simple terms. I certainly love what I do now, but that is not the case with most people, you would agree. Inspired living is certainly the path to happiness. I equally write on inspired living at Visit when chanced. Thanks

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  9. I love all the quotes that you have used! I also definetly agree with this point, for example, blogging is something i love to do but because of fear of what my friends would say i held back but then i read many posts like yours and realised like you said, i won’t be able to be happy and live life fully if i don’t step out of my comfort zone! Great read x

    1. Thank you Beth! I was hesitant to blog too at first, but then I realized that I’m doing this more for myself and not to please others. People may agree or disagree with what I write but that’s a reality- we can’t please all people. I think it matters more that we do what makes us happy! ? Good job in pursuing blogging! ?

        1. I think all bloggers are brave in the sense that they are opening themselves for criticisms once they publish their posts. That is why I respect all bloggers.

  10. This is a lovely post and very true. I find that writing poems, being in nature, jogging, travel and singing in my gospel choir makes me really happy. I feel grateful to have these outlets. Keep writing! We have two bunnies and they feature on today’s post of my poetry blog in case you have time to look? Happy Friday! Sam 🙂

    1. I went to take a look, and I love your poem! You also have cute bunnies! ? Thank you for reading my post. You do have a healthy set of activities that you enjoy!

  11. Good post..Ive written several posts on this topic., and also taught entire counties of educators on how to help their students to differentiate between your gifts and your skill sets brings peace while the other is likely a learmed asset but brings no more then a paycheck

    1. Thank you for your comment. I agree with you. We have certain gifts or abilities that are innate to us, different from those that we acquire. Learning to focus our energy in enhancing our gifts is one of the ways to be successful!

  12. How inspirational. Following our heart and passions is all that we do is the key to happiness and contentness. If anything is done simply out of duty or compulsion, then it ends up feeling burdensome. Great post!

    1. “If anything is done simply out of duty or compulsion, then it ends up feeling burdensome.”- I agree with you on this completely! Thank you for reading my post and sharing your insight.

  13. Thank you so much for this. For me, travelling and writing (and my cats) keep me happy. I’m so lucky to be able to do what I do, and I am grateful every day.

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