How to Make Yourself Look Like a Millionaire -Infographic

42 thoughts on “How to Make Yourself Look Like a Millionaire -Infographic”

  1. This, however, does not point out how teenage millionaires look like. Sure, this is how many business-millionaires dress, but many modern-day ones choose brands like Louis Vuitton, Prada, and Gucci for their outfits. It’s really important to remember that it’s not all about suits, especially if you’re someone who’s younger 😉

  2. This was an interesting read. I would like to add, most millionaires dress very simple to avoid attracting attention to themselves and there’s others that actually shop very cheaply to stay millionaires as a opposed to those who spend more because their pay has increased, and then end up losing that “millionaire” status. Other than that, I enjoyed reading this.

  3. Great article. I myself dress very professional but I keep my attire simple, even down to my iphone case. I dont even have an iphone case for mine. And I dont even carry a purse. I have tons of purses, but it is so hard to match one and I am afraid of too big of a statement, so now i carry a simple clutch bag that is in a neutral color. To me it looks elegant, soft, and approachable.

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  5. Great article!

    You don’t need to have a lot of really nice clothes. Just a few pieces that are high quality. Instead of buying more, buy better quality.

    Great advice!

  6. Very helpful for new college graduates! I personally have been working on the “quality over quantity” and selling/donating all my clothes that do not meet my new high standards!

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