How to Find a Passion for Your Blog

How to Find a Passion for Your Blog

Written by Millionaire’s Digest Team Member: Matthew Johnson

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As someone rather new to blogging, this was my biggest struggle. I wanted to share my story and thoughts to entertain people, but Jim didn’t know what to say, and why. So here’s a list which would’ve helped me when. Whether you’re an old or a new blogger, there’s some tips!

1. Reflect on your life up until now

This shouldn’t be a time for judgement and sorrow, for you do not want to end up depressed due to the mistakes you’ve done, or the dreams you’ve failed to fulfill. See what you’ve done, and think how it could help others who are in a similar situation, or how they could avoid it. Even the little details can count, so don’t make it a guilt-trip, but rather an important self-reflection.

2. Think about your target audience

Writing about both beauty  and tech might cause a conflict of interests. You’ll have people following you for make-up reviews, and also others trying to find a new post about a camera or a phone. Sure, a diversity can be helpful, but one main area is going to make it easier for topics to come up.

3. Reinvent your username

If you feel like your current username isn’t catchy and might fall out of the reader’s head – change it. Your username is what people are going to recognize and remember you by, so making it personal and catchy will make you bond with your blog more, allowing ideas and passion to come by much more easily. It’s very important your username has something to do with your theme, as “Midnight Slayer” does not have much in common with makeup or fashion.

4. Read, read, and read!

Sooner or later you will get somewhat “tired” of blogging. It happens to the best of us. Instead of going the easy way and starting all over again, or ditching the whole thing all together, read other blogs. This will inspire you and give you new ideas and perspectives which will help play you to gather your thoughts and find a new passion for your new or old blog.

5. Think back

There must have been a reason you started in the first place. Whether it was an impulse, or a way to bring your written journal to the online world, you made the choice to start. Think about these reasons, and soon you’ll find yourself writing again.
I hope this helps the new and old bloggers find their burning desire to write yet again. Good luck in the future, and stay inspired.

Article Credits: Matthew Johnson

Millionaire’s Digest Team, Contributor

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31 thoughts on “How to Find a Passion for Your Blog”

  1. This is a really nice list and I really needed to read something like this since I’m new to the whole thing and finding inspiration or the motivation to keep going can be a bit difficult. I had trouble figuring out a theme for my blog and I still do, so far my posts have all been about my travels and experiences in various cities, so I guess I’ll just keep going with that or keep writing and see if a theme emerges. Thanks for the list!

  2. One more thing i want to add in the last point is’; think differently, because there are heaps of people who blog every day but those who think and write differently will stay in this competitive market. Moreover, it is a great inspiring post for new bloggers.

  3. Thank you for the tips. Self reflection builds honesty and trust with readers. Totally agree with reading for motivation and inspiration – this has a inspired me 🙂 happy blogging!

  4. Great inspirational list for new bloggers! I’ve been at it for less than 3 months, but I’ve found having a very specific voice helps me blog. I’ve zoomed in on people I’m grateful for. It’s been a fantastic experience so far. Wish me luck! I intend to stick to this writing assignment for 52 weeks!

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  6. Thank yo for these good blogging tips to keep the motivation up! There is definite value in dipping into others’ blogs and reflecting on their creativity. They don’t even need to be lengthy reads – just a few lines to grip your senses.

  7. Hello? this really helped me to feel that i should continue writing my posts no matter how my life goes on and how much i am busy. Thanks for the inspiration ? Best,

  8. What a fabulous reminder. Everyone has moments asking “why am I doing this “. I do and I’ve done more reading as you wrote and it helped me reenergize my passion. Your list is terrific, thank you ?!

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