Healthy Tips: Meaty Dishes

Healthy Tips: Meaty Dishes

Written by Millionaire’s Digest Team Member: Sybil Mahlangu

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Meat! Most people love it. But having the knowledge on how to prepare it healthily is key! Here are a few tips and tricks you can use to better your health and still enjoy your meat!

1. Salt or Seasonings 

  • Salt is one of the basic ingredients for a tasty dish. However, knowing the right amount to use could be a bit tricky.
  • When you’re cooking with ingredients such as Soy Sauce or Worcester Sauce in your stews for example, add as little salt as possible.
  • These ingredients already contain a lot of Sodium and too much intake of it could cause High Blood Pressure! We certainly do not want that.

2. Creams 

  • Dishes such as Beef Stroganoff include cream as one of it’s main ingredients.
  • Cream contains quite a high level of fat. Although it tastes amazing, a great substitute would be Plain Yoghurt. Surpring, right?
  • Well it actually tastes similar to cream, but get this… It contains much less fat, which makes your dish much, much healthier!

3. Stews and Pies

  • Aah, the winter favourites! Nothing beats comfort food. After making sure that the sodium levels in the dish is great, add Carbohydrates and Vegetables to it.
  • Not only will this make the meal look absolutely scrumptious, but it will also give it a healthy balance.
  • Side tip: Add the vegetables right at the end as cooking them too soon or for a long period of time could rid of the nutrients.

4. Fats

  • Trim. Trim. Trim! If the meat you are cooking has a lot of fat, trim as much of it as possible before cooking it.
  • When you’re cooking breadcrumbed meats such as a Schnitzel, it is important to make sure that the fat (cooking oil or butter) is hot, so that less of the fat is absorbed into the crumbs.
  • If absorbed, you’d be forced to add more fat, which isn’t very healthy,is it?
  • Cooking with Unsaturated Fats like Sunflower Oil is a much healthier option, as it reduces the risk of High Cholesterol.

Now, get to it! Your meat awaits you.

Article Credits: Sybil Mahlangu

Millionaire’s Digest Team, Contributor

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  1. I think I just want to add one thing to your amazing list of healthy tips. Meat is extremely protein rich. People often tend to forget that they need to eat lots of roughage as well when they are having meat. I’ve just add enough raw fruit and salad to their meals especially when eating large quantities of meat.

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