50 Thoughts that Can Motivate You to Do Anything

50 Thoughts that Can Motivate You to Do Anything

1. I can do anything. It’s a simple phrase, but it helps to remind yourself — you really can do anything you set your mind to.

2. This is why I can. Instead of giving yourself reasons why you can’t do something, give yourself reasons why you can.

3. I deserve more. You deserve a better life — whether that means a better job, a healthier body or more money. Work for it.

4. It’s never too late. No matter how old you are or how many opportunities you’ve passed up before, it’s never too late to make a decision and get a fresh start.

5. There will always be challenges. No matter what you do in life, there will always be challenges — don’t let one set get the better of you.

6. There’s no “perfect” time. If you’re waiting for the perfect moment, forget about it — there’s no such thing.

7. There’s no perfect plan. There are some definite flaws in your plan — but there are in every plan.

8. Everybody starts somewhere. Nobody is born successful. Everyone starts somewhere, and usually from the bottom.

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9. One step at a time. Don’t try to do everything at once. Reduce it to baby steps.

10. It can only get better. If it’s hard at first, it can only get easier.

11. Failure is temporary. If you fail, you’re in good company — most successes come only after several rounds of failure.

12. Mistakes are learning opportunities. If you mess up, you can only become better for it.

13. Today is all I can control. Forget about what you did yesterday. Today is what matters.

14. If it were easy, everyone would do it. Nothing worth doing is easy.

15. “Someday” is today. If you’re like most people, you use the word “someday” to describe your goals and desires. Make today that someday.

16. Negative thoughts can’t stop me. Your negative thoughts are just thoughts — nothing more.

17. I’ve done harder things. Think back to a time when you succeeded against the odds.

18. Everything has to be earned. You can’t get anything in this life unless you work hard for it.

19. Action is a better regret than inaction. Making the wrong decision is always preferable to regretting never having done anything at all.

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20. I don’t need anyone’s permission. If people think you’re crazy, so be it.

21. I’m in control of my own destiny. You can decide whom you want to become.

22. There is no pass or fail. Nobody is grading you. You can’t objectively “fail” at life unless you never try anything.

23. Boring decisions get boring results. Make an exciting decision.

24. The risk is worth it. Know that risks are real, but the potential benefits are worth them.

25. Discipline feels better than regret. Discipline is hard, but it’s easier to deal with than regret.

26. Many good ideas seem crazy or impossible at first. Yours is no different.

27. I’ve got support. Friends, family, colleagues — even if they think you’re crazy, you can always find support in networking groups, support groups and other community resources.

28. Experience is always valuable. Even if your mission doesn’t turn out the way you’d expected, you’ll walk away with experience.

29. Hard work is its own reward. You’ll feel good just for making the attempt.

30. Every day counts. Today, tomorrow and the next day are all steps toward your end goal.

31. What I see matters more than what others see. Forget about what others think — prioritize what you think.

32. There is no problem that can’t be overcome. Everything can be solved or worked around.

33. Ordinary actions make an ordinary life. Nobody wants to be ordinary. Don’t let yourself be.

34. Everything can be improved. Even if you start out rough, you can always make improvements to your approach.

35. I can learn whatever I need to know. Free resources are plentiful.

36. I can master whatever I need to do. Practice can make you good at anything.

37. Willpower is all in my head. You can have all the willpower you want — you just have to want it.

38. I know what I want. Know what your end goals are, and visualize them.

39. Feelings are the product of thoughts. If you’re scared or unsure, know that these are feelings generated by your thoughts; then you can control them.

40. Trying and failing is better than doing nothing. This is universally true.

41. I am whomever I want to be. There’s nothing stopping you from being whom you want to be.

42. I can’t win unless I try. Effort is the only way to get results.

43. My life is a product of my decisions. Make the ones that matter.

44. I’m better than I was yesterday. You’re older, wiser and more experienced than you’ve ever been before.

45. Nothing great happens overnight. Work and patience are your friends.

46. Once I get started, it will be easier. You’ll feel more motivated once you get rolling.

47. I’ll reward myself when I’m done. Even small rewards can be great motivators.

48. I’m doing this for more than just me. Maybe it’s for your family or community — whatever “it” is, external motivation can be powerful.

49. There are always more chances. If you screw up, you can always try again.

50. If nothing else, this will make for a good story. You’ll walk away with great memories and interesting anecdotes.

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  4. Love this. So glad I came across this post. I just recently started blogging and sometimes I second guess myself. I try to be myself and then worry about…well what if a coworker read what I wrote and thought smthn..etc. But reading these, just made me realize, who cares? Gotta believe in myself and just do what makes me happy. So, thanks!

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  8. I love this is! In the depressing times of winter, I’ve gotten in the habit of reading one or two inspirational quotes a day and think about how they fit in regards to my goals.

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