Tasty Tagging Tips!

Tasty Tagging Tips!

Article Written by Millionaire’s Digest Team Member: Crecynthia R.

Founder & Owner of: Falvor Me This

Millionaire’s Digest Team, Contributor, Food Writer

Hello fellow foodies! Are some of you having trouble increasing your blog’s traffic? Perhaps your blog’s Instagram isn’t getting as much love you’d like? While there can be multiple reasons behind this, consider taking a closer look at the tags you use.

I used to wonder why I’d only get a few likes on my posts. I’d think to myself, “Well my picture is pretty good (I think) so what’s going on?”. I came to realize that the tags that you use can play a crucial role in your page’s traffic.

Using obscure and random tags (while entertaining and charming:P) are not necessarily going to help people find you! Let’s be honest guys, #omgicookedsomethingamazingforonceinmylife isn’t going to help you much.

Ok, maybe a few of your friends and die hard followers will see it. But the truth is when you’re starting out, you really need to be mindful of the tags that you use. There are certain tags that practically EVERY foodie checks out. So think of this as building up your client list so to speak. When your followers start nearing the thousands, then you don’t have to rely as heavily on tags because you’ll have established a following.

I did some research a few months ago and found some of the top tags for food blogging. These should help you not only with your food blog but with your Instagram page if you have one:

Food Blog: #food #eat #recipe #foodblog #dessert #cooking #foodie #healthy #vegetarian

Instagram: #food #foodblog #instayum #eat #foodporn #foodgasm #nom #foodphotography #foodshare #eatclean #igfood

Here are some more tips:

1. Try to create set group of tags that you can use for every post and throw in a few tags that are specific to a particular post. For example if you post a photo of an ooey gooey slice of pizza, toss in a #cheese and #pizza

2. Avoid burdening your posts with too many tags. Stick to your tag list!

3. Don’t be afraid to tag some of your favorite pages and food magazines. You just might get featured! And what does that mean? An opportunity for more followers!

4. Ask yourself, “When is the best time for ME to post?”. There have been times that I’ve used the same tags that I always use but because I posted at an off time of day, not that many people saw it. WordPress determines your most popular day and time but try to remember that some times of day are busier than others. Let’s say that you live in New York. Posting at 2 o’clock in the morning may bring you a fabulous new follower in New Zealand but the rest of us probably won’t see it! This goes for Instagram too!

As I said, there can multiple reasons behind a page’s lack of traffic. Perhaps you haven’t established a blogging schedule or maybe you need more attention grabbing headlines. These are all things to take into consideration. But I assure you, if you follow these tips it will make it easier your fellow foodies to find you as we patrol the blog world and Instagram for food porn!

Until next time food lovers!

Article Credits: Crecynthia R.

Millionaire’s Digest Team, Contributor

(For Food Bloggers!)

106 thoughts on “Tasty Tagging Tips!”

  1. well written 🙂 (it should’ve been better if you would’ve included tags for some more fields)
    one more suggestion:-

    some more tags can be added(eg-grilling) and for instagram timing matters a lot. In simple words the more correct is your timing, the more better are the number of your followers 🙂

    1. Thank you! 🙂 Because I’m a food blogger I just wanted to provide some tagging tips specifically for food bloggers. And I wanted to suggest a few of the broader tags that could help newer bloggers get started. I encourage everyone to do their own digging and find more specific tags and discover what works for them. And you’re absolutely right! As I mentioned, timing is crucial for both Instagram and blogging! My example regarding the follower in New Zealand was my personal experience, I learned the hard way haha! Thanks for reading!

      1. Yes timing is actually a very crucial part of getting more followers, well timed post with the correct tags makes the world’s difference.
        It is quite difficult for me because I live in South Africa, but I have noticed that most of my readers are from America, so I post for a good time for Americans and then just repost or share my original post the next morning so that my South African readers also see it.

    1. I know right?! I wish I could take credit for it! #bloggoals haha. The folks at The Millionaire’s Digest actually just used it for my headline. 🙂

  2. I like the helpful information you provide on your articles.

    I’ll bookmark your blog and take a look at again here regularly.
    I’m moderately sure I will learn lots of new stuff proper here!
    Best of luck for the next!

  3. Thank you so much for the quick and easy suggestions. As everyone else has already stated, timing is crucial. While I was traveling through Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, and Australia, I had to be mindful of the time of day for my family and friends back home that would be looking for my next post. This is directly similar to the New Zealand reference that you mentioned in your post. I think timing can be somewhat confusing on WordPress as well as the site may be on a different time zone than the author’s current location. Finally, timing has been very surprising with my experiences thus far in my blog posting. I may be just starting out, but the highest times of traffic have surprised me quite a bit! I think sometimes we can think we know our readers and post accordingly, but I have yet to really obtain a full grasp as to the probable best time for my posts. Thanks so much for the info, super helpful and not confusing at all. Actionable tips are the best!

  4. Thanks for the tips (and much appreciation for the suggestions). I have started by fod blog for a while now (collegeguycooks.wordpress.com) but I still have problems with giving categories and tags.

  5. Wow, super helpful! I just started on WordPress (talesofanantisocialite.wordpress.com) and Instagram (@2hungry2function). Check out my pages please ??. I’m just sharing great food in NYC (on Instagram) and stories on my wordpress.

  6. Great advice, thank you! I am new to blogging and have just started my own food blog. It’s all about the places I go to eat all over the world and sharing my experiences. Would love for you to check it out! (thecitygirleats.wordpress.com)

  7. Very helpful advice…Thankx so much!! I recently started Blogging and have realised its not very easy to attract viewers…. Please do check it out when you get a chance 😀 Looking for suggestions to improve. Thanks in advance! guiltfreehogs.wordpress.com

  8. Wow this was very informative! I always knew about tags but not how to use this for food! Thanks so much !!Maybe you could take a look at my blog and I’d be happy to exchange likes on the posts we like and a follow!

  9. I have attempted blogging in the past and always failed, so this weekend I decided to start fresh with a new blog & Instagram account, featuring foods I bake/cook… & let’s be honest, I will probably post pretty pics of other pretty foods I eat on occasions! These tips are so helpful, and I can’t wait to start blogging and tagging more effectively.

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