Makeup Tips: Have Fun!

Makeup Tips: Have Fun!

Written by Millionaire’s Digest Team Member: Emily Darley

Founder & Owner of: Milliemondays

Millionaire’s Digest Team, Contributor, Art and Beauty Writer

Wearing makeup has become a source of both embarrassment and shame for many people around the globe and this should be challenged. Too often young girls and boys who make the decision to start to wear makeup are scorned or told off for that decision and are instantly made to believe that it isn’t okay.

Makeup has been used for centuries in some form to aid the appearance of women’s faces, and over more recent years has been used to conceal blemishes and spots, which could make young people feel uncomfortable. However, young people can be made to feel that unless they have very bad skin, they should not be wearing makeup as it over-sexualises their innocent image.

Well, makeup is also an art form. It can be used every day to express feelings or emotions, or just for a bit of fun! Just like wearing experimental clothes or hairstyles, makeup is no different.

This being said, there are some rules which are good to go by…

  1. Match your foundation to your skin tone.
    Whilst it is great to experiment, it looks better if foundation is a base
  2. BLEND
    Anything can be blended to look fabulous
  3. Don’t be afraid of color
    Who says you can’t have a green smokey eye?
  4. Wash your brushes
    To avoid breakouts, keep your brushes clean regularly.
  5. HAVE FUN!

Article Credits: Emily Darley

Millionaire’s Digest Team, Contributor

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  1. It is kind of a double standard that makeup is used to cover blemishes yet it is often the cause of breakouts as well. Although putting on makeup and shopping for it is fun, I wish more makeup articles and tutorials shared about makeup techniques that are better for your skin.

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